You managed to ask it while sounding very different, so good work! (Married, awesome; wanting to deny yourself for him, even better; Services wife, bonus points; suitably desperate sounding, we have a winner!).

So firstly making a commitment to him may work really well for you:

So honey, I had this plan. You have no idea how horny I am and desperate for you to be home but… I like the idea of making it even worse, is that too kinky? I’ve been reading about this thing called orgasm denial, so I want you to know I’m going to try so hard not to cum at all from now until you’re home.

In fact I’m going to rub myself thinking about you every day to make it even worse.

The next time I cum I want it to be while I’m buried on your cock! (Oh god even saying that just got me so wet!)

I can’t want for you to get home my love,

Your dripping and needy wife xxx

You may not want to tell him, but personally, if I was him I’d love knowing. Obviously amend the above to make it work for you.

Adding a hot photo for him to look at can never be a bad thing. If you can get a good one of damp panties that’ll probably drive him crazy in all the right ways.

If he responds well to that, you can always get him involved. Ask him if he’d like you to wear panties, or go without one day… Tell him how you want him, need him, body and soul, and you can’t spend a moment without your needy pussy reminding you of his imminent return.

That should work.

Oh, and next time he’s off on tour, perhaps he’ll tell you you’re not to cum until he’s back. We can only hope…

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