I was looking at those just this week. Besides having the second worst name of any toy I’ve ever seen* (seriously, who the hell thought Womanizer was a good name?!) it looks quite interesting.

 If you haven’t seen these toys they are kind of like those digital thermometers, except, they are for masturbation. Don’t get the two confused.

We don’t have one of these, but it gets great reviews and I’m not surprised, it’s basically copying the best parts of cunnilingus, sucking and stimulating the clit.

My worry with it for edging is it might be TOO good. With the sucking and vibrating function, pulling it away as you get near may be much harder to manage than with a vibe where you have more control.

Anyone who’s got one care to comment?

*The worst named toy ever was the ‘Auto Suck’- a car lighter powered blowjob toy. I’m not making this shit up:

Do not use while driving

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