So, Master Richard, let’s just work on definitions.

In just the same way a ‘leader’ is defined by having ‘followers’, no one is a ‘master’ unless they have someone who calls them that. You don’t. So for the love of God, don’t use that stupid title unless you have earned it!

Secondly, it’s dominANT, not dominate, which is a verb. No sub worth her salt would even talk to you if you can’t get that straight.

Perhaps this is the cause of your long, fruitless search.

So my advice is, stop sounding like a prick and calling yourself stupid things like Master Richard. Stop acting as though you’re God’s gift to submissives. Just be ‘Richard’ for a while and actually work on making friends with submissive women, learning what they are into, how they like to be treated, and then, with the one you become closest to, suggest you both try exploring your dominant and submissive sides with each other and seeing how it goes.

Good luck.

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