Hi Anon,

Well it might be a couple of things. If you’re constantly doing the two week cycle then it might just happen to be hitting a certain point in your menstrual cycle that’s causing the denial to do ‘interesting’ things with normal PMT symptoms. If that’s the case try a one week break, to just get out of the repeated cycle, and see if the same thing happens.

More likely however, is that two weeks is just your peak denial time, or in fact, it’s more likely a bit less than that. 

Given we want to minimise DRH (denial related homicide), very simply, stop doing it for so long.

I know we get lots of amazing asks and reports from those doing it for weeks and months, but what’s best for someone else isn’t best for you, and it’s important that everyone exploring denial and edging works out what makes them feel the best and keeps them horniest and happiest. 

That might be one edge, and then cumming later that day.

it might be not cumming for a whole year or more.

But mostly it’s somewhere in between, and mostly it’s three days to a few weeks.

So mix it up a bit anon, work out what’s best for avoiding the psycho sexual killer rages, and everyone will be better off.

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