Most of the times when I have my period, I see it as a no touch week, something that annoys me greatly but this time, I set myself up for a new challenge. Instead of no touch week, I’d make those 5-7 days anal week this time. Now, whenever I’ve tried edging before during my period, it makes my cramps even worst in most cases and that doesn’t help at all. However that was with vaginal and clitoral edges, I was curious to see how it would be if I managed to edge anally without any other touches.

On top of that, I edged to anal porn, trying to mirror the things in clips that aroused me. Still, my king cock is one huge toy and it takes me quite some time to work it inside of me. But it feels so good to be stretched around it and I’m always strangely proud when I take if fully. What it is good for however is warming me up to my favorite plug, a tunnel plug or hollow plug. It keeps me open for as long as I can manage and it’s super distracting because it turns me on so much to work with it in.

While I didn’t manage to edge purely from anal, it did provide with some distraction from the pain and cramps and often left me super needy and dripping, dying to touch my clit. I think I’ll try it more often and see period week as anal weeks now since they surprisingly made me a very horny denial slut.


What a good girl.

Well done Lizzy.

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