Hey Samantha,

So I don’t know how much you’ve been reading the blog but when faced with anorgasmia disorders I decided to put a wickedly kinky twist on it, and make it a good thing – which is pretty much what your doctor seems to be saying.

I even made up a term for it, you my dear, are a BNIB, a Brand New in Box. And that’s awesome. As you say, masturbation and edging can still feel amazing, so why waste your time worrying about not having the climax and let’s turn that into a hot, kinky positive instead!

Here’s a blog I set up with an anorgasmic friend just for you:


And here’s a story for you to wrap your head around…


I hope this blog, and that one, help, and do let us know how you get on and feel free to come back for any advice.


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