Hi there! Okay, so you didn’t add clit stimulation to your list of pain so I’m assuming that’s still good. And you know what, I’d guess (I should do another survey) that 80% of good little denial sluts are clit focused if not clit only!

So taking both holes as no go areas we still have lots of other options. Obviously the ‘three hole whore’ fantasy is now reduced to one hole, your mouth. But routinely edging yourself on your knees between his legs as you suck him to the climax you’re not allowed to have is an absolute mainstay of denial for couples. There might be some nice symbolism in you then rubbing his cum between your legs so even if he can’t penetrate you there you’re marking yourself as all his.

Also, have you guys tried femoral sex (also known as intercrural, thanks wikipedia)? That’s when he’s fucking the gap between your thighs and pussy. Lube that area (silicone lube, not waterbased) and you’re good to go and it honestly feels nearly as good as penetration, for him at least.

I’d probably have you edge while being fucked like that, the fun bit is as he cums it squirts out through your thighs. You licking it up (choose a nice clean surface) while you edge again is then a very hot option.

If femoral sex doesn’t work for you then tit jobs are always good if you’re blessed in that department.

But don’t ignore the intimacy of a well lubed handjob as the two of you lie next to each other kissing and more. Mutual masturbation is awesome, we still do it a lot despite having a multitude of holes to pick from, especially as I can edge her as she makes me cum (or sometimes vice versa!) and you have all the whispering dirty things and looking into each other’s eyes to make it all the hotter.

I hope that helps!

James x

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