At first, the hours of teasing and edging had been unbearable. Hour after hour of being brought to the edge and denied. She had screamed and cried and begged at first, completely certain that this was the worst torture that could be concocted by a human mind. But she had only begun to suffer.

After sharp, cruel edges at the hands of a variety of vibrators, she was subjected to longer, sustained edges. Gentle teases with feathers or tongues that made her pussy weep endlessly. She howled and tried to struggle away from whatever was torturing her as the minutes crept past into hours, but the result was always the same: she would be roughly gagged and strapped down even tighter until there was no way for her to move her hips away from the torture. Nothing she could do but take it.

As the days turned into weeks, she began to lose hope of escape. She’d been snatched out of her own apartment two days into her vacation… for at least twelve days, nobody had even noticed she was missing. Even as the sun rose on her third week as a captive, she was certain that the trail was too cold for anyone to follow. Her desire to escape, while primal and strong, was beginning to wane in the face of obvious hopelessness.

Then came the enforced chastity. Her pussy was locked away in a steel belt and padlocked. Out of reach. She was uncuffed for long periods and left in a small, dark room. This was almost worse than the torments she’d been enduring at the hands of feathers, tongues and vibrators. To be unrestrained, and yet still not free. After a week of this, she was almost delirious with need. Her captor’s response was to come in and gag her before leaving.

The next tortures were far worse for her. She was chained to the wall, her head bolted in place to where she couldn’t even twist it from side to side, and forced to watch other girls being fucked. Some were tied down and forced to cum over and over again. Others were roughly fucked by multiple male partners. Some were simply put in front of her and handed a vibrator. But through all of it, through the dozens of orgasms she witnessed, all she received was a feather dancing on her clit to keep her company.

But this was different. She had been led from her cell and strapped down to a familiar bondage table. Immediately she began to panic, the remaining shreds of her will fighting against her position. Her captor had none of it, bolting her in place and clamping a tight gag through her teeth to stifle her screams of protest. He patted her cheek before moving over to a push cart of implements, returning with a vibrator. 

He stuffed it into her cunt without preamble. After six weeks of continuous orgasm denial, she was wet enough not to need one. She moaned like a whore at the intrusion. He didn’t turn it on. She howled into her gag in rage, struggling against her bondage. It did nothing, to him or to her situation. Instead, he patted her cheek and set up another device – this one balanced on a pedestal between her legs. A long probe rested at one end and was aligned with her clit. She watched it warily as he set it up, and then picked up a switch and gave it a push.

The probe jumped forward a few inches, making contact with her swollen clit. Her world exploded with the tingling and crackling of electricity. She screamed bloody murder into the gag, which reduced it to pitiful whimpering. He chuckled and set another apparatus in place, this one looking like a tiny claw which dangled above her clit. When he tested this device, it reached down and gave the sensitive little nub a tweak… a tweak with ice cold metal prongs. The electricity and the ice were torture. She tried to writhe. Tried to escape. But there was no way to move her pussy away from the torture it was experiencing.

Now he turned on the vibrator – all the way to maximum. Her pussy seemed to ignite with sensations, the buzzing almost going right through her. She screamed in a mixture of pain and pleasure as the toy drove her right to the edge of orgasm…

…only for the electrical probe and claw to back her down again.

It was too much. She started begging. Pleading through her gag. She couldn’t take it. Tears coursed down her cheeks as she tossed her head from side to side, desperate for relief. Her captor watched her, saying absolutely nothing. He stood there for ages. For what could have been hours, before he leaned down with cold malice in his eyes.

“Enjoy the next twenty-four hours,” he said. “If you’re not a dripping, sex-starved slut by then… well… I’ll have to start torturing you for real.” Without waiting to see if she understood, or to witness her shocked reaction, he turned on his heel and walked away. With a flick of his fingers, he killed the lights and left her to the mercy of the machines. 

Twenty four hours? She would die! It had to have been at least a few. He’d been standing there, watching her suffer, for what had seemed like forever. She tossed her head back and forth… and then she saw it. 

Hanging on the wall, the only thing glowing in her dark prison, was a digital timer. As soon as she saw it, she let out a scream which could be heard all the way down the hallway to where her captor stood. For what was printed on the sign made the torture her pussy was enduring worse than anything else. And as her world spiraled away into nothingness, her mind shattering under the constant edging and electrical stimulation, the dim light continued to shine despite her tortured screams and begging.


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