I keep referencing this blog recently but here’s your perfect answer:


On top of that, explore anal sex together, he might not be big enough to pleasure your pussy but he’s probably perfectly sized to stick it in your ass. And yes, you can learn to cum from anal, not everyone does but worth a go! Not that we want you cumming too often anyway, right?

Beyond that, get him to work on his oral and hand skills. If his cock isn’t big enough to do the job he should be down between your legs licking and sucking on your clit even more to make up for it. He’ll only be able to manage 15 minutes or so to begin with, but he’ll soon manage to do it for up to an hour.

Add to that his fingers sliding in you and working your g-spot and honestly you’ll wonder why you worried about his cock at all. Especially if you have a nice big strap on for him to wear and pound you to heaven and back when nothing but a hard fucking will do.

I will add, given the blog’s focus, that edging a woman with oral sex is in my experience the very best way to do it. You can read every little signal your body gives and keep you on the fucking edge of insanity pretty much endlessly.

SO yes, you’re both so fucked.

You’re welcome.

PS if he really is that small you probably should lock him up in one of these… it’s what small thin dicks deserve.

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