Let’s just repeat my mantra, altogether now:

Cumming is good, but not cumming is better

It’s all good, don’t be sad. The fact you edged for an hour is brilliant, and you SHOULD be proud. Being horny really is much more fun and that’s the realisation you begin to have, yes it feels amazing for a few seconds, but denial keeps you feeling really good for hours or days or weeks.

But you don’t have to go from zero to denial hero in one fell swoop. Try it, for half a day, edge, then stop, don’t cum. See how it makes you feel and reward yourself with an orgasm later.

This is JUST as valid an enjoyment of denial as it is not cumming for weeks on end. I’m a total denial egalitarian, minutes or months, all are celebrated here.

Honestly, the BDSM scene can be amazing judgemental. They love putting labels on things and telling you what’s right and what isn’t. My belief is firmly that as long as you’re having fun, and being safe and consensual, then just go with whatever floats your boats and be happy about it!.

The only thing I highly encourage is that you try new things, because life is too short to be just stuck in a rut with no new experiences. But the reason we try new things is to see if it’s better than the old thing, and if it isn’t, go back to the old way, or mix it up sometimes just because you can and variety is definitely the spice of sex.

So don’t be scared, sweetie. Give it a go, if you try it, you’ll like it…

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