You’re so welcome! Thank you for the lovely follow up.

While there’s always space from some punishment or at least funishment with orgasm denial it’s really important to me that it’s mostly taken as a very positive, life and sex affirming kink.

Slipping over happens for almost everyone and it’s definitely not something to feel guilty about. The key action that makes it okay is that as soon as you go over you stop rubbing and so ruin the orgasm. 

if you don’t, if you slip over and just keep rubbing well then that does start to merit more punishment. And of course wilfully just cumming is another issue altogether.

That’s not to say sometime I won’t set ridiculously, almost impossible terms just to be mean and give a good old mindfuck. It’s so hot to make a good little perfectionist fail and then punish her for it. Learning to fail gracefully is a very important life skill.

But it sounds like you’re doing great. I look forward to hearing from you soon!


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