Hi Estrella,

I think you’re awesome! As has been said a few times recently, the blog tends to focus, especially captions and stories, on longer term denial, because it makes for a hotter fantasy. But ANY denial where you’re enjoying edging so you get hornier and hornier is fabulous.

You totally are a real denial slut, just not a long term denial slut!

The only point I always add is that if someone hasn’t tried it, it’s really worth trying to do it for two or three days; at the very least give it a go overnight sometime. Not because it makes you some kind of better denial slut, but because for many there genuinely is a ‘denial high’ experience that comes after a more extended period of a day or two where you not only feel horny but experience an ongoing sensation of euphoria. It’s really great. And as you say, there’s the fun of challenging yourself, which builds self discipline and greater sexual self awareness. (And makes you want to stay denied, it’s a trap!)

But if you don’t want to, that’s cool too!

Honestly for those doing it to themselves, which is a lot of you, I just want to say how proud I am of anything you manage, whether that’s to edge just once or keeping your pussy leaking for months without satisfaction. You are all amazing, sexy, beautiful women and I love you all.


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