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Can I say something? I get what this blog is about, but I think you should encourage “small” edging more. For example, I tried edging for three days and it wasn’t fun, I was distracted, nervous and anxious, in a way that killed my mood. Instead when I feel like it I edge myself for two or maybe three hours, the orgasms are incredible and really rewarding. I think that should be an option too because for some mixing bedroom and outside world just… sucks without any trace of a public kink

I totally agree, and I do when I actually write stuff. Even edging and then […]

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Hey James! It’s the girl who asked about short term denial, who’d talked about being accused of not being a “real denial slut”. I just wanna say thank you for your support and response, it really made me feel a lot better about my edging and the kink in general. I’m here to inform you that I’m going to be hopping on the trend of not cumming the entire month of June. I’m really excited to see how wet this makes me and how fun it’ll be! -Estrella

Hi Estrella, you’re so welcome! (I love it when you lot follow up on advice) […]

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Hi James, just wanted to say thank you for the shift towards greater outward appreciation and acceptance towards those of us who enjoy shorter term denial. I know (well, I don’t, but I strongly suspect) that you’ve always been just as proud of those ST girls as those more experienced or just different preference women who go 2 months without an orgasm, but I personally feel a greater sense of acknowledgement, and am thankful. Have a great evening, KS

You’re most welcome KS. The reality is that MOST denial is short term, and that’s […]