So, a week ago I posted this advice on denial for trans women, and I challenged the anon it came from to be my guinea pig for a week of ruins. And out of the darkness she came (well kinda)!

Amazing work, good girl!

Hey, I’m your ruined tranny guinea pig. Thank you so much for the response, and I do have to admit that I both A: do not own a chastity device, and B: Don’t own a dildo, yet, but with your instructions… I plan on getting a dildo. The chastity device is out of my price range for now, but I want those ruined orgasms like that.

Day 1: I tested the waters first with a single ruin, I didn’t want to go all in first day, so before I went to bed, I edged little before letting myself ruin It… it was a bad ruin, I was whimpering and shivering like crazy from it.

Day 2: I did a bad thing. I ruined when I woke up, thought I would try to get my 3 ruin day, but when I ruined, I ruined hard, to the point I did cry. It… it was delicous… I was horny the whole day and it wouldn’t go away.

Day 3: I went at the three hard, got two ruins in the begining of the day, gods that made me so horny all day. I planned on ruining at night, but I ended up working out, and was way too soar, and didn’t think about it. So only two were done… Day 4, need to get it done day 4. So very horny.

Day 4: I got a dildo! A suction cup one like you suggested. It feels amazing, I have no clue why I haven’t had one before. Now, now it is going to be ruining me. I was able to do my first one in the morning, it took a lot longer then normal, but the ruin felt soooo much better then I am used to. It was so agonizing. I got the second one done honestly shortly after that, I cried hard, I was so horny and in need. I did the finale one before bed, and went to sleep so very horny and desperate.

Day 5: Today went fairly well honestly, I got desperate after my ruin, but I was able to keep myself together, it was so very hard not to go over and just cum, I wanted to, still want too soooo badly.

Day 6: I am hatingyou so very much today, I need to cum, I need to so sooo badly. I ruined, and after I ruined I was crying for a long time, cleaning up my mess took me a while as well.

Day 7: I ruined not too long before typing this up, I hate you and love you so very much right now. The bad part is, I want more ruins, I want sooo many more but I want to orgasm too, my head is so clogged up right now I don’t know what to think. My need is driving me crazy. Please, please please let me have a proper orgasm right now, please please gods please.

Would you like a nice big orgasm sweetie? Would you like to spurt it out and keep stroking and make it feel so good?


I like you this way. When you cum it’s a ruin and when you ruin it’s a cum. That’s how it’s going to be for you now until you get a chastity cage. I’m sorry sweetheart, that’s my rules. Your little gurl clit has to be locked up. I was right about the dildo, I’m right about this.

So you have a choice, you can get them on ebay from China for just $4! (Search CB-6000)  but it’s a nice long wait, of only ruins. Or you can pay a little more and get it sooner. That’s the one I want you in, the short version, unless you really can’t fit in it. The smaller the better.

You don’t get to ruin every day now though, no no. Until it comes you’re to do four edges a day and only the last MIGHT be a ruin. To decide, you toss a coin when you’re right at the edge. Heads, you take yourself over, spurt your mess and then clean it up. TAILS you stop instantly and no touch till tomorrow.

However, for every heads result, for every ruin, you have to toss an extra time to get the next ruin. So if you get a heads on Monday, you need two heads in a row to get it on Tuesday. If you ruin again, next time it’s three heads.

The game resets back to one head required every Monday.

Just to give you a little hope, if, you get all tails, all week, on Sunday you can throw three heads in a row to have a full orgasm. The odds of this are painfully small.

You’ll be allowed one full orgasm just before your clitty is caged up. That’s your only hope now.

Good girl.

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