Well, technically you can’t take your own virginity. Virginity isn’t a medical definition, it’s a concept. For most it means, have you had sex with someone else, simple as that.

So, you could literally sit on a flagpole, break your hymen and orgasm. But you’d still be a virgin.

Now what you may mean is what’s the best way to deal with your hymen, which is the very thin membrane most women have at the entrance of their vagina as they grow up. The hymen doesn’t break, it stretches and kind of gets worn away over time.


Also you may just be curious to explore how it feels to have things in your pussy.

In which case the simple answer is to start with your fingers. Get aroused playing with your clit, and play with one finger in your pussy then see if you can manage two. If you learn that feels nice then yes, a clean hairbrush handle is a good thing to try next. There’s nothing to be nervous about, just go slowly, enjoy rubbing your clit and let your fingers or the brush penetrate you slowly.

You might get a little bit of blood at first because your hymen is being stretched a little, but that should barely hurt and it’ll only be a few drops at most.

So try it out, going slow and being aroused is much more important than lube. 


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