I woke up feeling fine today, no dirty little urges, no need to orgasm, no burning fire in my clit demanding satisfaction. So I decided to wait to masturbate until I was going over my comments on NN like sir suggested. I didn’t get around to that until much later in my day. When I came home from my Sunday night meeting I decided to get ready by wearing Ben Wa Balls while I made and ate dinner. I hadn’t realized how wanting my pussy was, as soon as I put them in and started moving I had trouble controlling myself. I was breathing heavier and grinding into my chair to get more sensation. I wore them for about an hour before I just couldn’t take it anymore, I was so close to orgasm and had been for too long, I had to take them out. The removal was bittersweet, it provided relief but not the type I really needed. 

After I sat down to read the comments on my pictures on NN, I read them with my hand down my pants, teasing my clit at all the things people wanted to do to me, and all the naughty things I wanted to let them do. 

I ended my night with four more edges, which I achieved using my favorite toy and on all four, I have orgasmed on all four before and it was wonderful so I figured why not give edging a try like this, it left me dripping. Quite the change from my normal on my back routine. Maybe I’ll try another fun position tomorrow. 

Fabulous, but what’s NN, I think we all want to know…

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