This task was a familiar one to me, one I have done before to please my master, his was a bit more detailed though. I did fail to complete the first portion of today, I read the post to late in the day and I didn’t wear my undies high, however, I will make up for my failure tomorrow. 

I enjoy the feeling of stuffing my pussy as long as its nice and wet already, I stuffed a little blue thong up there tonight after I had already edged twice. Then I edged again letting my juices soak into my thong before I pulled it out which felt amazing and stuffing it into my mouth. I added on to the task here and forced them deeper with a ball gag which I wore for my last edge of the day. And I must say I do taste damn fine. 

Now with a very unsatisfied pussy I am off to sleep. 

These are great little blogs, PN, loving them, well done!

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