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It’s the weekend and I don’t tend to blog much then, so, I’ve nabbed this task from the JuNO challenge earlier in the year. There’s some hypno tracks for you to edge to, and if you dare, the challenge to share the gospel of denial, or at least start to think about it.

You put it on, and it just flashes image after image from the blog at varying speeds. A real mindfuck to edge to watching (and add some kind of hypno soundtrack would really finish off the experience)

You can add other blogs, and change the timing but this one worked well I thought. If you have ‘special interests’ you can add those to the tumblr mix too.

Some possible hypnotracks here:

So if you can, try and do a nice long edge to those.

Spread the Word! Tell someone about Denial

Now, as I mentioned above, I have a challenge for you. Now this is VERY optional, but if you can feel it’s an option I encourage you to try.

I genuinely feel like denial, long or short term, is a brilliant, positive kink. It can totally open you up to new experiences, teach you much more about your own sexuality and body and when enjoyed with someone else can be as hot as pretty much anything within the BDSM world.

At a personal level it can help you with developing discipline and self-control, and also be quite powerful in helping alleviate things like anxiety or worries.

Oh yes, and it makes you feel AMAZING!

So, it really is something that is worth sharing, well you know how great it is, I don’t have to tell you. But how do we tell others, that’s the question?

It really depends on your friendship groups. Some of you will have openly kinky friends and it’ll be as simple as saying ‘Hey, I’m doing this Denial Challenge, have you heard about it? I thought it might be fun if a few of us tried it.’

But most of us don’t have friends we can tap up so easily, so that’s when we need a more subtle tactic.

So if you have close friends who you share a lot with and sex is part of that, but just don’t have the openness about your kinkiness for the previous approach, then something like this could work. We link it into the recent trend for ‘challenges’

Have you heard about this Denial Challenge thing?

I was browsing on Tumblr and saw it, and it sounded interesting. It’s a sexy self control thing, where you have to try not to cum for a month!

Apparently it gives you this natural ‘High’ – sounds kind of cool.

So at this point they are either going to show some interest, or make it pretty clear this is not for them. In which case you stop. But if they DO show some interest then we have a wonderful magic trick…

Google loves my blog. You don’t have to tell someone about it in detail, you can ‘act’ vague, you can simply say ‘Google ‘Female Orgasm Denial’’ and the blog pops up right near the top

‘Oh yeah, that must be the one, click on that and have a look. They’ve called it ‘The Advent Denial Challenge’ or something like that. Oh there it is.

Let them have a read and if they show some interesting…

‘I think I might give it a go! Want to make it a competition?

Even if they don’t, you’ve used a very nonthreatening way to introduce them to the idea of denial, that you’re going to try it, and give you the chance to discuss it with them another time. If they are the slightest bit curious they’re going to start reading more of the blog… and you know what that does to you, don’t you. And if they don’t, but they’re positive about it, maybe ask if they’ll keep you accountable as a way to encourage you to be self-controlled. What are friends for after all!

And if they do fancy trying it, keep it low key, communicate vaguely about the fact you are doing it, and how it’s making you feel. Ask them if they are too, and how they are finding it. Just take your lead from them, and maybe pick out some ideas and even captions to share with them in the future.

So remember, no pressure to do this at all, but if you love edging and denial, and they are a good friend, then they may well be interested. Because believe me, this stuff is REALLY fascinating.

So go and spread the gospel of denial my lovelys! Fly, FLLLLYYYY!

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