So, today’s task is to dress up for edging!  Fun!  I’m wearing my sexy, lacy bra, that I would never wear on a normal day.  It’s comfortably snug and has me constantly reminded of my breasts… yum.  But, I was thinking, I’m kinda sad that I missed the Wheel of Denial day a week ago…  

So I’m gonna play that today too. 

First spin: 250 dildo fucks, spin again.
And so I realized how perpetually wet I am.  These were awesome, as I’ve stated, I love penetrative play because I know I’ll never cum from it, meaning I can just enjoy the pleasure in the moment.
Second spin, immediately after: 2 edges.
I was so excited to be allowed to touch, and I edged so quickly the first time.  So I forced myself to slow down, doing torturously slow circles until I worked up enough to edge again.

Then I set a timer for 1 hour.  I’ll spin again then, and make another post to update on what the Wheel decides I need.

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