An hour passed, the timer went off, and it was time to play again!

Third spin of the day: Insert a butt plug, spin again.
While not the stimulation my pussy and clit are aching for, it was exciting to try anal experimentation again.  The plug went in even easier today than it did yesterday, and I even fucked my ass with it a few times… 
Fourth spin of the day: 5 snaps, each nipple.
Apparently I needed to calm down some.  I repeated the snaps until I managed five good, stinging ones.  Each time a little worse as my nipples got more sore…  On the tenth snap, I yelped without meaning to.

An hour later:
5th spin: Strip naked, spin again.
6th spin: No touch.
But I want to… >:(  But I’m a good girl, so I just set another hour timer. 

7th spin: 1 edge.
I tried to do a nice, slow edge, but it came far too quickly.  Mmmfhh… I’m so happy yet frustrated, so horny, and I’m just sitting here clenching emptiness and wishing I could play longer.  But if I do, I think I would accidentally cum…

I’m still trying to decide if I deserve a ruin tonight.

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