Well, everyone’s different so you’ll know better than me I’d expect but I’d go for the first, as there’s nothing quite edging someone with your mouth. But how about adding a little extra something, tie her up. Wrists tied to the top of the bed, maybe add a blindfold too. If you don’t have toys for that, silk scarves, neck ties or even a pair of tights will do!

Also, when you do make her cum, mind fuck her first. Tell her if she cums without permission you’re just going to keep on licking and sucking her clit while she’s all sensitive – post orgasm torture her. And then, of course,do it on purpose. If she’s tied it’ll make it mind blowing. 

Then, if you are being nice, give her some recovery time cuddles and make her cum again, properly. Or ruin them, you could ruin them…

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