Not really. It’s hot to make someone ask for permission to go to the loo occasionally because it’s just SO out there in terms of upending our normal social expectations, and so the shock of it and ensuing kinky humiliation can be great. Making someone do it in group chat is the best. I’ll slip them a private message, ‘no going to the toilet without asking’. And sure enough they’ll ask later, in PM, and then I reply, ‘Ask me in the group’ and the bottom falls out of their world.

For some a full bladder can add to sexual pleasure too, particularly increasing the sensitivity of penetration.

And then there are those into full on ‘watersports’ whether that’s wetting yourself, being made to pee on yourself (think legs up the wall in the bath if you’re wondering how). And while it’s great to indulge those kinks sometimes, it doesn’t really do much for me, and honestly, pee control gets a bit boring, especially once you’re a parent and have faced years of ‘I need to wee weeeee!’.

So no, I’m not into it as such but with most things, will explore it with someone if they’re curious.

The most interesting phenomena I do tend to fuck about with is the fact you can’t pee when you’re on the edge of an orgasm. But edging also dulls the need to urinate. So you can get someone to the situation where they edge and they can’t pee, but if they come off the edge the urge is unbearable, so they have to edge again to relieve it.

This is most fun done on the toilet, but with panties still on. At some point she’ll tire and will end up wetting herself if you don’t have mercy. (Oh follower, did this just turn you on to your surprise? What kind of girl gets turned on by this?)

What bladder control is a useful tool for though, is giving someone the true experience of begging. Begging is pretty hot, but especially in long distance play, it’s mostly kind of faked. But stop someone peeing, and the begging goes from put on to very real pretty damn fast.

I like it best in a public setting, often at an office desk. ‘Drink a full glass of water every 15 minutes. If you miss one you double up from then on. No going to the toilet without permission.’ Very simple, very effective.

The one pee related thing I do regularly encourage is a shower routine that involves edging.

What I suggest is you run the shower till it’s hot, then turn it off, step in, and pee, standing up, right down your legs. Then water on, wash and edge.

Why? Not really because of any interest in bladder control. But because it’s SO out of the ordinary (at least for girls, we guys piss in the shower whenever we can get away with it). It’s so primal, especially with the water turned off.

The only reason you’re standing there, peeing down your legs instead of being a good girl and using the toilet like most people, is because you’ve been told to. And that’s very hot. Plus it’s just a subtle loosening up of your control, a little step into being prepared to submit, and well I just like the idea of prim and proper girls peeing down their legs because I told them to.



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