Hi cuties!! I felt like writing a new task for you, and since the last one was posted a while ago I thought I’d write a really long one for you. It will work like a “Choose-your-path story”. Just that you won’t choose anything, but instead a deck of cards will choose for you. So, you need a deck of cards (1-10, J, D, K, A) and your body. Oh and a few pairs of panties and some kind of timer too (click here for an internet timer). If you’re lucky there will wait an orgasm at the end of the task…


Here are the rules:

  • You have to start wearing two pairs of panties.

  • All pussy-touching tasks have to be done through the layers of panties you’re wearing. Some of you might remove panties during this task, some might not.
  • Follow all the instructions in the task.
  • Remove all Jokers, apart from one. If you get the Joker, go immediately to step 12.
  • If you break one of the rules though you have to stop and start over the next day. 

Values of the cards:

1-10 are obviously 1-10
J: 11
Q: 12
K: 13
ACE: 14

Please remember, this is an experiment. I want to see if this kind of game works out. So sorry in advance if something doesn’t work out well at first. If you got ideas to improve it, tell me please!
Okay, let’s get started!

Step 1: 

We’ll start very simple, don’t worry. Mix the deck and put it in front of you. Now turn one card around.

Rub your nipples for as many seconds as the value of the card is, then go to step 4.

Step 2: 

Turn one card around.

NUMBER: Pinch your nipples for as many seconds as the number is, then go to step 5.

PICTURE: J: Remove one pair of panties, then go to step 3.

Q: Remove two pairs of panties, then go to step 3.

K: Remove three pairs of panties, then go to step 3.

ACE: Go to step 11.

Step 3: 

Turn cards around until you get a picture or an ace.

J: Spank your pussy twice, then go to step 6.

Q: Push your panties to the side and push one finger in your needy little cunt. Don’t move it. Just leave it there until you completed the next task. After completing the next task you have to suck your finger clean. Now go to step 10.

K: 4 Minutes of clit playing, then go to step 7.

ACE: Go to step 11.

Step 4: 

Turn two cards around.

Add up all values of the cards you’ve got. That’s the amount of circles you are allowed to do on your clit. Go as fast or as slow as you like. Remember, all touching has to be done through the remaining layers of panties.

Go to step 2.

Step 5:

Turn two cards around. 

You are now allowed to remove as many panties as you got pictures. So if you got one picture, remove one pair of panties. If you got two pictures, remove both pairs of panties. If you got none, well… Poor baby.

Go to step 3.

Step 6: 

Remove all layers of panties you’re wearing. Now turn three cards around. 

Add up all values of the cards, that’s the amount of fucks you’re allowed to do to your pussy with your fingers. No clit touching.

Turn another card around.

EVEN NUMBER: Go to step 4.

UNEVEN NUMBER: Go to step 10.

PICTURE: Go to step 9.

ACE: Go to step 11.

Step 7: 

Turn one card around. 

The value of the cards is the amount of pussy spanks you have to do. Lucky you if you’re still wearing a lot of panties.

Go to step 6.

Step 8: 

Play with your nipples for 2 minutes. Turn one card around.

The value of the card is even: Lucky you, you get to remove one pair of panties. If you’re not wearing panties anymore (you little slut) you can play with your clit for one minute.

The value of the card is uneven: Poor you. Add one pair of panties.

Go to step 7.

Step 9: 

Open your mouth. You’re not allowed to close your mouth or to swallow until you completed the task. I don’t care if you start to drool. Turn three cards around. 

Add up the value of the cards, and rub your cunt with the palm of your hand for as many seconds as the cards value. Use the timer, we don’t want you cheating, do we?

All rubbing done? Good girl, you can close your mouth now.

If you started to drool during the task: Go to step 8.

If you didn’t start to drool: Go to step 7.

Step 10: 

Turn cards around until you got 5 numbers.

Majority is even: Twist your right nipple. Hard.

Majority is uneven: Twist your left nipple. Hard.

Go to step 5.

Step 11: 

Oh you got an ace? Congrats. Did you know that the german word for ace is ass? I think you should give your ass a nice hard smack. Yes, go on, give it a smack. Good girl. Now turn cards around until you get a number, then go to the step with the same number (example: you get a five, go to step 5; you get a nine, go to step 9 and so on)

Step 12: 

Turn one more card around.

ACE: Congrats! You get a ruined orgasm! Lucky you. Hey, don’t look at me like that, I said there would be an orgasm for the lucky ones! That wasn’t a lie! I never said it’s going to be a full, satisfying orgasm. Now do what you’re told, get to the edge and then ruin your orgasm. Good girl.
NO ACE: Stop now, you’re done.

So, here is one extra rule for the little denial sluts of you: You’re not allowed to cum until you completed three rounds of this game. One round is finished once step 12 is completed. You can always pause the round you’re currently on, if real life interrupts or stuff like that.

I hope everyone liked this task, feel free to give feedback! It was very complicated to write it, as I lost track of what the fuck I’m doing all the time. So if you notice a mistake, or something that doesn’t work out, please tell me! I’ll fix it ASAP. 


Diva’s getting it on with a pack of cards. Enjoy her task everyone!

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