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We miss you James. Hope you’re enjoying your family and the holidays.

Thank you so much! I miss you guys too, but yes, have been getting some well needed family time and a break from everything. I expect to be back in force from tomorrow (including a New Year Denial Challenge) so I look forward to seeing you all in 2017!

So I’ve been following your instructions per your orders, and am currently grinding on the corner of my chair, since I’m technically on your blog, and I can feel how swollen and needy my clit is….Anyways I digress.

The hardest part of what you assigned me to do is actually having my panties pulled up, mostly just becuase I go without them, especially when I’m on holiday! Today my two hours were spent while I was out, driving and riding around with my family to look at Chrstmas lights.

As we rode around random bumps and the like started making me acutely aware of my clit. So I moved so each bump teased me deliciously. Then as we went into the city the bumps on the bridge started giving me a such a nice sensation that I began to discretely grind in my seat in the back of the car. Once we hit the cobblestone streets I thought I was going to go insane and I rode the edge very dangerously. I had to forcibly stop myself and still am aching.

I’ve never long term edged and day two isn’t even fully over yet and I just feel so breathless and scattered. How am I supposed to make it until Tuesday?? 😖

A day at a time, an edge at a time.

Good girl, you are doing beautifully! If you think that panties challenge was tricky, try this, wear them but pull them down around your thighs under your pants. Sounds easy, will drive you crazy… 

We look forward to more progress reports!

Breast size teasing – a final note

So, now the 

The Exhibitionist Breast Teasing Denial Slut Challenge is out the way let me just reinforce, that challenge was for those who have the kink of being teased about their breast size and so get turned on by what I was saying.

Lots of women worry about their breasts, just like guys do about their cocks, and for some of those people being teased about it is both cathartic (means it helps them not worry when it’s actually talked about) and in fact, a turn on.

If that’s not a turn on for you, please know that’s totally okay, lots of different things turn different people on (just browse tumblr for evidence of that!), it’s part of the wonder of being kinky, there are just so many options.

But most importantly if you do worry about your breasts, please hear this. They are beautiful. Not because they look perfect, not because they are big or small, but because they are yours.

What to my mind are the perfect breasts? My wife’s. Not because they are a certain size or shape, but because they are hers. Easy as that.

So love yourself, love your breasts, and someone else will too, I promise.

This Christmas Message about the size of your tits was brought to you from Female Orgasm Denial. Merry Christmas!

is it true that tumblr is cracking down on porn blogs and making t harder to create/run one?

They’ve stopped you uploading porn videos hosted by them, but nothing else I’m aware of. Anyone else know different?

Hey James I’m doing the Christmas denial challenge and it’s going good so far, edging four times a day without an orgasm. I am horny now tho that I am constantly wet, it’s crazy. Today I had a ruined orgasm from just a cloth peg on my clit.

Sounds fabulous, well done! Keep going, the end is in sight…

Hello James. Day 2 of the Christmas challenge. It’s 12:18 and my first two edge of the day are done : first one fingers only and second one humping on my pillow. Since my girlfriend and I are apart for the holidays, we’re doing our own version of the Christmas challenge. Christmas Day will be a ruin each on facetime. I was thinking of doing the Coin for each other on January 1st (since we’ll be seeing each other for the first time in weeks), but now I’m thinking of competing for the orgasm.(1/2)

Any thoughts on how to do it? I’d like your input very much. Thank you and have a good day!

Oh wonderful, I love to see my followers taking my ideas and making it work even better for them, well done!

A few ideas, firstly the joint Christmas ruin is a lovely concept, but… it is the time for giving, so here’s a fun little mindfuck you might want to try. You both have to try and give the orgasm to the other person, you only get 100 seconds to both agree who should cum and who just gets ruined, if you can’t agree then you both ruin it. You can’t start discussing it until you’re both on the edge and each of your job is to say why the other one should cum instead of yourself, it’ll be cute.

As for competing when you’re back together, now we’re talking! I think we have something perfect for that already, the Denial Dare Wheel Game

You’ll probably be up for all the tasks (remember you can edit them and make them even more challenging or appropriate to what you guys are into) so really it’s going to be the first one who goes over first (which is ruined) is the loser, and has to make the winner cum as much as she wants. If it’s a tie once all the tasks are done then you have a Jill Off (or you could do this instead of the spinner game, just as fun!).

I hope you have a wonderful time whatever you pick, and do let us know how it goes! Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year!

Hi! My gf hates you! Always when I’m about to see her, I’m asking her to do some edges like 10 days before – 2 edges, 9 days before 4 and so on. After this 110 edges I’m coming to her flat… and if the diner she cooked was delicious I let her cum…

Bravo Sir, bravo!

Make sure you get her to confess how much she loves it ,when she’s right at the edge, get her to describe how it feels, what it’s like to be told what to do by you, how much it makes her look forward to seeing you even more. Get her to beg, not to cum, but to be denied, even get her to cry out again and again, ‘Never let me cum!’ as you take her over the edge.

She’ll adore it.

Merry Christmas to you both!

When/how often should I wear my princess plug?

Whenever you’re a princess of course!

Facial conditioning

I am just about to start your Facial conditioning mindfuck denial. I am both disgusted and strangely turned on by the idea of facials. It promises an interesting little experiment. I wonder if it could have a long-lasting effect. I guess I will see… 😉  

You have an evil, evil mind. But me doing that… it probably means I have one too!

Tit Teasing Submission


Hello Sir, I would like to submit for The Exhibitionist Breast Teasing Denial Slut Challenge. Please Sir let me cum or at least have a ruin, please

So it seems some of you denial sluts get off on having your breasts teased. So I made this game to help you out. 

Here’s another lovely submission (sorry it’s taken so long to post), and I was particularly impressed by the addition of the clothes pegs!.

Obviously it almost goes without saying that your breasts are just that bit too small. They’re the kind that guys get all excited about when you wear a push up bra and then there’s that little look of disappointment as the bra comes off. So near, yet so far – which is why you feel the need to torture them, no doubt.

I have to say though, I think they are my favourites so far, I was on the verge of letting you cum but, what’s a ‘benial slut?’

If there’s one thing worse than disappointing breasts it’s a girl who can’t spell – and don’t give me ‘I’m was writing it in the mirror and you have a stupidly long URL bullshit’.

So… hmm, a ruin… oh, dammit, it’s Christmas, edge with pegs on your nipples and labia and you can cum. Ho ho ho.