So, now the 

The Exhibitionist Breast Teasing Denial Slut Challenge is out the way let me just reinforce, that challenge was for those who have the kink of being teased about their breast size and so get turned on by what I was saying.

Lots of women worry about their breasts, just like guys do about their cocks, and for some of those people being teased about it is both cathartic (means it helps them not worry when it’s actually talked about) and in fact, a turn on.

If that’s not a turn on for you, please know that’s totally okay, lots of different things turn different people on (just browse tumblr for evidence of that!), it’s part of the wonder of being kinky, there are just so many options.

But most importantly if you do worry about your breasts, please hear this. They are beautiful. Not because they look perfect, not because they are big or small, but because they are yours.

What to my mind are the perfect breasts? My wife’s. Not because they are a certain size or shape, but because they are hers. Easy as that.

So love yourself, love your breasts, and someone else will too, I promise.

This Christmas Message about the size of your tits was brought to you from Female Orgasm Denial. Merry Christmas!

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