So I’ve been following your instructions per your orders, and am currently grinding on the corner of my chair, since I’m technically on your blog, and I can feel how swollen and needy my clit is….Anyways I digress.

The hardest part of what you assigned me to do is actually having my panties pulled up, mostly just becuase I go without them, especially when I’m on holiday! Today my two hours were spent while I was out, driving and riding around with my family to look at Chrstmas lights.

As we rode around random bumps and the like started making me acutely aware of my clit. So I moved so each bump teased me deliciously. Then as we went into the city the bumps on the bridge started giving me a such a nice sensation that I began to discretely grind in my seat in the back of the car. Once we hit the cobblestone streets I thought I was going to go insane and I rode the edge very dangerously. I had to forcibly stop myself and still am aching.

I’ve never long term edged and day two isn’t even fully over yet and I just feel so breathless and scattered. How am I supposed to make it until Tuesday?? 😖

A day at a time, an edge at a time.

Good girl, you are doing beautifully! If you think that panties challenge was tricky, try this, wear them but pull them down around your thighs under your pants. Sounds easy, will drive you crazy… 

We look forward to more progress reports!

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