Any thoughts on how to do it? I’d like your input very much. Thank you and have a good day!

Oh wonderful, I love to see my followers taking my ideas and making it work even better for them, well done!

A few ideas, firstly the joint Christmas ruin is a lovely concept, but… it is the time for giving, so here’s a fun little mindfuck you might want to try. You both have to try and give the orgasm to the other person, you only get 100 seconds to both agree who should cum and who just gets ruined, if you can’t agree then you both ruin it. You can’t start discussing it until you’re both on the edge and each of your job is to say why the other one should cum instead of yourself, it’ll be cute.

As for competing when you’re back together, now we’re talking! I think we have something perfect for that already, the Denial Dare Wheel Game

You’ll probably be up for all the tasks (remember you can edit them and make them even more challenging or appropriate to what you guys are into) so really it’s going to be the first one who goes over first (which is ruined) is the loser, and has to make the winner cum as much as she wants. If it’s a tie once all the tasks are done then you have a Jill Off (or you could do this instead of the spinner game, just as fun!).

I hope you have a wonderful time whatever you pick, and do let us know how it goes! Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year!

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