Today I did something I’ve wanted to try for a long time. Edging in public. Not in plain view where someone could see me but somewhere I could easily be caught, but also hide my lower half from view. 

I found the perfect spot in the restroom of a gallery my work is being shown as part of an exposition. It was such a large, beautiful restroom with stalls in the back and several massive blocks of granite with sinks placed on top of them. I made sure there was no one in the restroom before picking out a washing table to stand behind, hiding my lower half and pushing up my skirt.

That thrill was so amazing. I was soaked in a matter of moments, watching the door in case someone entered. Luckily no one did and I worked myself up to a hard edge. 

Remembering it now, at home, I wish I’d had the nerve to do that in the men’s room. Maybe one day. 

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