I don’t know if others experience denial in such phases, but here’s how it happens for me. Life has been pretty hectic up until last week and since I’ve had some spare time again, I decided to more actively get back into denial. 

So last week I’ve held myself to the minimum of three edges a day, more if I was capable and they went…fine. Nothing really spectacular. Until today. I woke up early and had my first edge. Knowing I’d be up for a pretty uneventful morning, I decided to make it eventful for myself. I wore my inflatable dildo underneath my short dress, the pump hidden between my thighs, tucked into my stockings. Just knowing I had something like that hidden away while I’d be out in public made me feel so freaking sexy. I missed that feeling. That edge denial brings. (Pun intended 😉 ) I barely made it to my first destination before I had to hide away to edge in the toilets. I haven’t been so wet in a long time. One hard edge later, I went to have some coffee, squirming and deliciously full. Next I spend some time walking around, feeling the toy move inside of me and quickly making me soak my panties. I had to go find a spot to edge again just an hour later. 

This was the one that hit me hard. That wall I am talking about is the feeling and thought of ‘fuck, I want to cum. I want an orgasm’. It was such a difficult third edge today. I had to tear my hand away and drop the toy or I’d have cum if it had stayed inside of me. I took some minutes to cool off and when a bit of the lusty fog cleared I realized I was way too slick and above all, sensitive, to put the toy back. So I stuffed it in my purse and made a deal with myself. If I wasn’t wearing the toy today, there would also be no need for panties in those moments. So I removed the soaked panties and continued my day after that. 

Let me tell you, it was one with very slick thighs.


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