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End of Juno

“Yes sweetie, it’s the end of the month, of course you can cum.”

I’ve been wanting that answer for so long. And I was so grateful. My heart was full of love, and I thanked him, and had the orgasm I have wanted for so long.

The first one was a bit funny. I was expecting it to feel strange though, so that was okay: I came first thing in the morning, and it didn’t feel like much, but i felt exhausted enough by it that i fell back asleep. I woke up a few hours later, late for brunch, and weirdly still horny.

The second orgasm, a few hours after brunch, was much better. I was struggling to get close to the edge. Eventually, I ended up looking at denial porn again. But not female denial… I watched a long and torturous video of a guy being teased, and denied, and eventually, ruined. I came hard as she ruined his orgasm. And I thought, I want to do this to someone, too.

I wanted to cum again tonight. I started touching, and fucking myself, and as I got close, I thought of him. Touching me, edging me, interrogating me.

“How many times did you cum today, princess?”

I imagined my answer, desperate, needy, eager to please: “Three times, Sir…”

I could almost hear his voice. “Oh, good girl. I’m very proud of you. But… you know that means three weeks in your belt, don’t you?”

The fantasy ended, and I pulled away, left myself on the edge, my clit aching, needing more. I left myself dripping and denied again. I left myself how I am supposed to be, how I always want to be, I chose what I always crave, even more so when after a long period of denial I am allowed to cum again. I chose to deny myself, and hoped that would please him, too.

Well, JuNO is over.

But my orgasms will always be his.

Cumming is good, not cumming is even better!

Hey James! 

I just wanted to thank you for organising JuNO, I loved it! I learned a lot about myself, for example that I love being denied instead of having satisfying orgasms. My first goal was 14 days, but even after 30 days I still want to be teased and kept on the edge! I tried denial as a challange for JuNO and it turned out to be one of my kinks. 

Yours truly,

Little Red

Sir, my master wants me to thank you for giving him the idea to make me participate in JuNO. He made me edge at least twice a day everyday all month and many times it was more than that. My master is going to allow me to cum this Sunday and it will be the first time I’ve cum in 2 months.

You’re so welcome, I hope you’ve enjoyed it and learnt a bit more about yourself in the process.

Remember, orgasms after a long period of denial can be a bit strange, as your body is just used to stopping and not going over. So it might take a few to get back into the rhythm of things. Then again, they might be great from the outset – one never quite knows!

The ‘tablegirl’ would be warmed up in her box for a few hours before the party before it was flipped over and she’d be at a height for all the guest to enjoy.

JuNo Update


So I’ve had to stop wearing panties already. 

That’s right, 5 days in and I can’t wear panties anymore. They get soaked and it’s not worth the hassle anymore. And the thrill of it is way too hot to me. 

Gonna go do some edges before bed. We’ll see how late sleep comes tonight. 

By the end of JuNo she wasn’t sure if she even wanted to cum ever again.


As JuNO Comes to a close, here’s a Bingo sheet to see what you have and haven’t done! Fill yours out and reblog with your results! See how far you’ve come! See what you could try to finish in the last stretch! 
Congratulations everyone 🙂 Happy end of JuNO! 

How great is this?!

Hey! So, I’ve been dealing with a new autoimmune disorder for the last few months, which definitely sucks dont get me wrong. Part of this, is that orgasms leave me absolutely exhausted and unable to function, which is also not great. The upside to this, I’ve learned upon finding your blog last week, is that i can just, not orgasm! Thats allowed! And apparently fun! So, thanks for having this blog, and opening my eyes! – Elle

Hi Elle,

That’s my kind of silver lining!

Welcome to the club!


Due to various factors I’ve been unable to achieve orgasm for years. I felt broken, defective and ashamed. I might not be able to cum but your blog made me realise that I can and do edge! Suddenly something as simple as him firmly telling me that I do not have permission completly removes all the pointless shame, guilt and loathing. I perhaps do not quite strictly meet the criteria to deserve title of denial slut but I’m claiming it anyway and I’m running with it. Fast and far. Thank you.

This is so great! Thank you for sharing it so powerfully.

Also check out @brand-new-in-box – a blog I started with a friend for denial sluts with Anorgasmia.

You’re not broken. You’re perfect xxx