End of Juno

“Yes sweetie, it’s the end of the month, of course you can cum.”

I’ve been wanting that answer for so long. And I was so grateful. My heart was full of love, and I thanked him, and had the orgasm I have wanted for so long.

The first one was a bit funny. I was expecting it to feel strange though, so that was okay: I came first thing in the morning, and it didn’t feel like much, but i felt exhausted enough by it that i fell back asleep. I woke up a few hours later, late for brunch, and weirdly still horny.

The second orgasm, a few hours after brunch, was much better. I was struggling to get close to the edge. Eventually, I ended up looking at denial porn again. But not female denial… I watched a long and torturous video of a guy being teased, and denied, and eventually, ruined. I came hard as she ruined his orgasm. And I thought, I want to do this to someone, too.

I wanted to cum again tonight. I started touching, and fucking myself, and as I got close, I thought of him. Touching me, edging me, interrogating me.

“How many times did you cum today, princess?”

I imagined my answer, desperate, needy, eager to please: “Three times, Sir…”

I could almost hear his voice. “Oh, good girl. I’m very proud of you. But… you know that means three weeks in your belt, don’t you?”

The fantasy ended, and I pulled away, left myself on the edge, my clit aching, needing more. I left myself dripping and denied again. I left myself how I am supposed to be, how I always want to be, I chose what I always crave, even more so when after a long period of denial I am allowed to cum again. I chose to deny myself, and hoped that would please him, too.

Well, JuNO is over.

But my orgasms will always be his.

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