OH MY GOD! Didn’t you read my warning never to do more than 22 edges?!

I’m afraid you’ve broken the ‘edge’ barrier and you’re stuck like this, well I won’t say forever because there was one woman who managed to cum again, I think it was 12 years later, but yeah, you’re basically fucked.

But look at it this way, I bet you’ve fantasised about this, and now your bf can fuck you harder and harder and you’ll just be on the edge all the time and it will be absolutely amazing – for him at least, because you’ll be completely insatiable, wanting to fuck, so horny you’ll just be sucking his cock simply to distract you from the constant unbearable edge.

You’ll find you need to do a minimum of ten edges a day just to stop you going crazy, so you’ll probably need to invest in a lot of new panties, or like some others do, just give up on them and opt for skirts, most of your wetness will dry before it gets to your feet. Simply carry some wet wipes with you to clean wherever you’ve sat. it’s only polite and your friends will be much more understanding when they do inevitably sit in puddle of girl goo you leave behind. 

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Only kidding, you’ll be fine. You just overdid it and you’d overstimulated everything so your body got confused. You’ll be back to normal tomorrow. 

However, if that fantasy (I know, I’m so mean…)  got you excited, then it can actually become reality. Not from edging too much, the worst you can do is just wear yourself out very temporarily. No, by truly submitting your orgasms to someone else (maybe your bf would be interested). My little denial sluts don’t believe me when I first tell them one day they won’t even be able to cum without permission. They think it’s just a tease.

It’s not. After weeks or months of never cumming without permission, of wanting so much to please me, there inevitably comes a little time of rebellion, where their frustration overwhelms their self control and they threaten to cum anyway.

‘Go on then’, I tell them. ‘I don’t want you to, but you’re free to try without any punishment, go on, try it.’ Often they don’t, but when they do they tend to return to me in tears..

‘Oh my god I can’t cum! I can’t fucking cum without you telling me to, what have you done to me? I’m so fucked!’ they cry.

‘Yes you are’ I reply with a smile, ‘Now be a good girl and edge again for me.’

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