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roommate came home and I had to stop and I experienced my first ruined orgasm. I loved it tbh. Now I am edging myself against for two weeks but I am not sure if I my reward will be a ruined Orgasm or an orgasm but I think I’ll go with the ruined one.

Fabulous. Make it a ruined, and the next. Only your third should be a full orgasm.

But more than that, there’s a difference between an accidental ruin as you experienced, and a full on deliberate ruin where you build yourself up and up and then brutally pull a toy or fingers out and stop rubbing just as you go over. I encourage you to try it. Search the blog for instructions! And have fun, you twisted little nympho.

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Oh I’m right on the edge!


Truly amazing. I love you all, you horny little denial sluts!

5,000 follower gets a free orgasm!* (I know I’m so generous)

*No cash alternative. Winner will be notified by message and has three minutes to claim the prize.

So your blog got the ball rolling with me on denial a few months ago. Me and my boyfriend decided to give it a try and tonight we’re both gonna cum the first time after a month. So thank you for introducing us to your world of frustration.

You are most welcome, that’s absolutely brilliant. I love hearing about couples exploring this whole area, thank you! I hope the orgasms are fabulous!

I’ll try to write some more on mutual orgasm denial as it’s great fun!

Hey there! Just wanted to comment on the anon, I have done it too. I remember when it happened I was at college I had just had sex, he went home and I took a nap. It happened durning the nap, I was so confused when it happened I called my mom and was freaking out. Then I looked it up and found it was something women could do!

This one’s in response to the orgasming during sleep question from yesterday.

I love the fact you called your mom in your confusion… I can only imagine the realisation as you started to think clearly on the phone. ‘Ohh shit, I need to end this conversation, now!’

Thank you greycloud, it’s clear I’ll need to add in some ‘what if I cum in my sleep’ provisions to the denial rules! 🙂

Wow, 5,000 followers coming up fast – let’s celebrate!

This blog keeps building momentum! It feels like only last month we hit 4,000 followers (it was) and Google tells me we get about 1,000 visitors a day from the fact it’s  NUMBER 1 on Google for ‘female orgasm denial’ (crazy…).

So, other blogs seem to do this, let’s have a go outselves my merry band of edged and horny followers! 

Send me your celebratory submissions!

Some ideas – wet panties are always welcome, dripping little cunts too of course. Let’s have you freshly edged before you take it for me, just so everyone who sees it knows what you’ve been doing…

Add in a notice or even better some body writing with ‘’Female Orgasm Denial hits 5K!’ or some such and you’ll make me a very happy man!

Use the link below to send them in!

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Hi, I don’t have a question about edging or denial, but is it normal to orgasm while you sleep? Like I don’t have to touch myself but I can feel myself cumming in my dream.

Apparently so, according to the ever reliable Daily Mail (I’m being sarcastic for those of you who aren’t British) 37% of women have done it! For guys ‘wet dreams’ which is cumming while they sleep, is a pretty common occurence, especially during the teenage years. Personally you are the first woman ever to mention it so in my experience it’s MUCH rarer than they suggest (a LOT of women tell me a LOT of things they never share elsewhere, trust me).

Obviously since you have no control of it it’s technically not cheating denial, but stop it anyway! Good girl 😉

I’m the anon who asked about tasks combining edging and a sneezing fetish a couple months ago. Since I read your answer I have allowed myself to neither come nor sneeze, and the latter is surprisingly even more torturous than the former – by now there’s a constant low grade tickle, it’s never fully gone anymore. So I come back to you and respectfully ask sir, what must I do to be allowed even one sneeze?

Well come back sneezy! I love follow up messages!

As I ended up suggesting in reply to your first message, I want you to try to cum and sneeze at the same time. However, it is only the sneeze that is allowed to take you over the edge, not your own stimulation.

Feel free to improvise but I imagine you edging on all fours, spend a good amount of time teasing your nose and clit, until you’re right on the edge of both, and then finally make yourself sneeze and see if it can take you over into orgasm.

Successful or not, I want you to write in and tell us about it, at which point I’ll decide if you’re allowed to try again.

PS Here’s a unique example of cumming and sneezing from absolutely the strangest Tumblr I’ve found this month. Just wow…

Hi sir, I love your blog and have been only edging most of this week and Im loving how it focuses me on sex :) I did read that you recommend a ruined orgasm as a reward for another budding denial slut. I am wondering what exactly that is and how I can achieve it sir? Thank you

Sorry for the slow reply, Slippery, playing catch up with messages atm.

Just search the blog for ruined orgasms, you’ll find the answer!