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My husband and I are slowly experimenting with denial. The last time he was edging me he conditioned me so that instead of saying “I’m getting close” I said “please don’t let me cum” and begged for my own denial even as most of me desperately craved an orgasm. The mind fuck was so hot. Thought you might appreciate it :) ~Mel

Hi Mel,

It’s a pretty epic mindfuck isn’t it. I probably do it too much, but ‘beg me not to let you cum’ is just a never ending source of fucked up joy.

Next level… read this to him while he goes down on you:


Oh and if he needs any help, here’s how to destroy you with the best oral sex you’ve ever had: http://edging.space/post/157590444398/how-to-give-cunnilingus-like-a-superstar

You’re so welcome.Let us know how it goes.


So, after looking at everything about ruins on your blog, I think I might have actually been just ruining all the orgasms I thought I’ve had. I’m curious if I’ve been denying myself the last few years and not even known it

Quite possibly, it’s not that uncommon. You get almost scared of how good it feels and pull away, thinking that was the orgasm, when really it can feel so much better, more pleasure than you can imagine, coursing through you, so powerful, so satisfying, so good.

But now you know. What are you going to do about it?

After browsing this blog, reading all about the benefits of denial. Realising how proud you can be that you’ve only ever ruined an orgasm. How special that makes you.

Do you really want to lose that, forever, just for a few moments of pleasure? Be like all the other girls? They wish they were like you, you know, Brand New in Box, never having properly cum, They’re jealous.

You can be just like if you want, but you can never go back.

Maybe it’s better, to keep on ruining.

Or even better, not go over at all?

Good girl, I’m sure you’ll make the right choice

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Hey James! My Dom gave me my first orgasm in nine months for valentines day and ruined it without me noticing. The cheeky bastard accidently had me so convinced something was wrong with me that I cried for being disobedient. He got a good chuckle out of it, and now i’m wet again. 😑😭❤

He sounds like a keeper! Really, any dom a sub can happily call a ‘cheeky bastard’ is off to a good start imo.

I love her smile in this gif…

Interesting you posted me telling you I’m starting the facial mind fuck, because today was the 3rd day. I definitely don’t hate the idea as much, more at like a 7/10. I don’t like it when faces are completely covered, seems…dirty. but one-three dicks cumming is 👌. It was fun to try something new and copy what the girls were saying to practice dirty talk. So I’m leaving the orgasm to you, james. May I pretty please cum today?? -Bobbi (srsly though- thanks for the challenge)

Also, christian denial slut as well. It’s cool to see I’m not alone in exploring my body. -bobbi 

Thanks Bobbi, I should make some more challenges like that I think! What other topics might be suitable, hmmm…

So, leaving your orgasm to me huh, that’s always dangerous.

But I just had a girl ruin an orgasm she’d earnt, so I guess I have one going spare. I was very mean, just as she was on the edge I asked her, what she really wanted, to cum, or to ruin it for me.

She asked to ruin it.

I tell you what, why don’t you get right to the edge too, and then ask yourself the same question, ‘Bobbi, do I want to cum, or ruin it?’ I want you to whisper out loud.

You HAVE to do the first reply that comes into your head.

Have fun with that, and do make sure to write and tell us how you got on!

This might be an old task, but i’m going to try the facial conditioning. I think sucking cock is hot but I’m not sure how I feel about semen on my face. Maybe like a 4/10. -Bobbi

Hi Bobbi, loving this! I’d totally forgotten about that mindfuck!


Can’t wait to hear how it is after three days!

For a more advanced version, I just found this 45 minute cumpiliation (yes that’s really what they call them). Edge watching this with earphones in, no cumming until you’ve done it at least three times over three days.


And here’s a couple of other mantras to try (that don’t go to the tune of ‘I’m a little teapot this time…)

I want cum
I want cum on my face
I need cum
To put me
      in my place

Not in me but on me
A thick hot load,
Mark me as yours
On my face you explode

Then write in, like Bobbi. Give us your ratings, how you felt about getting sprayed with cum, before, and after! (This is science, people).

There’s so much good stuff like this, don’t forget to browse the archive

Let me know if you find favourite tasks or captions or whatever, I’ll repost them for everyone to enjoy!

Hi James! I absolutelly love your blog it always hets me so wet and horny! I love the idea of denial, but im also curious as to what an orgasm feels like since i’ve never been able to have one. Any suggestions on what i should do?

Read all about it

Then you can watch others doing it

But you, just keep on edging. It’s enough to experience their orgasms vicariously, right? It’s much better that way.

Good girl.

Hi! I’m really really desperate to touch, but Sir won’t let me. All he’ll let me do is tease my clit with a vibe, through panties. I can’t even edge. Maybe, if you have the time, could you please convince him to let me? He might listen to you. Thanks James! -Jewel

Hi Jewel’s dom! 

When a girl writes to me like this she’s really begging for you to make it worse. I’d limit her clit play severely and just let her fuck herself with fingers, and make her beg for the vibe, let alone going under panties.

Also make her research ‘anal only’ and send you links just to really fuck with her – it’s probably what she’s really hoping for.

Maybe one edge a week just to let her remember how good they felt, or only administered by you is even better. If you only give them after she’s had a good hard spanking she’ll love you for it.

(You’re welcome Jewel! Let’s hope he listens huh!)

This is a message to all the people who ask James for permission to cum. I know you’re desperate and horny and need release, because I am too. But do you really ever think he is going to say yes? His whole blog is based on denying women, why would you think he would make an exception for you? Especially when it’s anonymous.

Ahh well, this is a really good point, but, not 100% correct.

It fails to take in the secret ingredient that makes all the difference.

The special something that I need to make sure I keep in the mix, just to absolutely guarantee your denial experience is as intense as possible.


Oh yes, hope, fucking, brutal, hope. It’s the worst!

If I just tell a denial slut she’ll never cum, well where’s the incentive there for her to be a good girl and keep her aching cunt well edged and dripping for me? Nowhere, that’s where.

But, oh but if I just leave that little sliver of hope, that maybe, maybe if she does more edges; maybe if she fucks herself longer, harder, deeper; maybe if she is prepared to go that one step deeper into the depravity she adores and fears, then maybe, just maybe I’ll let her have that orgasm she craves so much.

So I think you’ll find, as you go through the blog, I give permission to just enough of you to keep the rest aching, wishing it was them… hopeful.

Keep hoping, girls. It makes you a better denial slut.

And who knows, maybe it’ll be you I give permission to.

But probably not.

As for the OP, thank you for such a lovely post. If only you’d figured out the hope bit I would have let YOU cum. But no, you didn’t get it quite right. So no cumming for you, not yet.

Good girl.

After attempting your “mindfuck” way back when you posted it and suddenly loving the idea of a facial, I decided to try this method with other things I don’t normally enjoy as much. It’s amazing how needy I can get from them now..

Colour me intrigued. What other things did you try it with?!

She’s referring to this:


So these will be some fun three day..

Last month I set a twisted three day mind fuck task and here’s a lovely account of a good little denial slut who followed it through most satisfactorily.

I’d let her cum as a reward but she was dumb enough to listen to Cal’s Curse and now she can’t, poor thing.


I’ve accepted the challenge of orgasm denial for three days where I am only allowed to edge if I watch a full screen porn of a facial compilation. I am to edge three times or more to this vid and I’ve just completed the first one. I needed to type this out because I need to keep my fingers off my useless dripping cunt.

Shit I am horny and trembling, I can feel my clit twitching as it is denied and I’ll know I have to watch again soon so I don’t break the rules.

I feel like a dumb piece of meat and seeing those women in the porn made me unbelievably jealous of them. I wanted what they had as I edged. At first I just wanted to feel a hot load on my face but as the video went on my mind quickly changed that to multiple men drowning me in their cum. Later on even that wasn’t enough and right now I’m fantasizing of being on my knees, warm throbbing cocks rubbed all over my face to humiliate me. I’m begging for their hot loads like a cum starved cunt.

And that was just the first day. 🙊💦

Edge 2

I’m a fucking desperate mess already. I have to reach these edges very close together since I’m off to work in a bit (oh how interesting that’ll be).I keep eyeing the timer on the video while I rub my hungry cunt to the edge over and over again. Sometimes my clit is just too sensitive to touch. I watch that count down with mixed feelings. I want it to hurry up so I can stop touching myself and not risk cumming. But at the same time I also know this will be the only time I do get to touch so I don’t want it to end. By the time it entered the last two minutes I was desperate, babbling along like a good cockslut to receive a hot load on my face while my cunt twitched emptily. Hmm seems like my breeding fantasies are never far at bay.

Day 2

I woke up unbelievably horny, contemplating to skip the first class so I could edge and touch my dripping cunt. I could feel my clit rubbing against my panties and it only got me wetter. After battling through classes, trying not to look to brain dead because all my focus was on my pussy.I rushed home and got out my dildo like the second assignment said, kneeled in front of the mirror and worshiped the fake cock while the video played in front of me. I’ve never been so happy with a suction cup toy as I gagged on it while edging my clit. Quickly enough I had to play with my breasts or finger my pussy because touching my clit would surely send me over the edge. And it only got worse as I completed the other edges.

Now I’m done and shaking, trying to distract my cunt with some Tumblr (it’s not going well, I may have to return to my dildo and porn) as my poor clit throbs.
I want to cum so badly but there’s also some mental struggle that I’m developing with it. Even if I didn’t get punished for cumming or I wouldn’t have to ruin it, I’m not sure I would. I’m fascinated by the way my body feels, the way I almost want to rub myself against everything and most of all the way my cunt twitches. How red my clit is. And that would all go away if I cum.Oh the torture

Day 3

Last day of my edges I was so, and still am, so horny the edges came very close together. My cunt was soaked and I suck and gag on the toy, imagining real cocks rubbing over my face, smearing my lipstick and humiliating me.

I force the cock down my throat like I’m getting my face fucked, like I’m just a hole for pleasure. In my fantasies that’s all I am in the end. A hole on her knees to receive dicks down her throat until they blow their loads on her face and tits.Although I’m allowed to have an orgasm, my mind is blocking me, telling me cunts have no need to feel pleasure. Instead I clamped my tits and let the cum drip down my chin, taking pictures like a proud edging slut.