No one knew where they came from.

No one knew what they were for.

But the 7 sets of three apertures knew what they were doing. Somehow they were able to stimulate a woman to the absolute edge of the greatest climax of her life, and keep her there, right on the brink of sexual insanity, until finally she orgasmed, and kept on orgasming, until her body and mind were overwhelmed, and she lost consciousness. 

Sometimes it would keep her on the edge for days, and the orgasm might be up to an hour or more.

And then, gently she was laid down, taken away by those who went before, to sleep, to recover, but forever changed. They would spend the rest of their lives on a sexual high, so alive, so free. 

But they would never cum again. No matter how hard they tried, how good it felt, they’d had their last orgasm, it could never be bettered.

It was a price worth paying.

The 21 tentacles would never accept them again, they had done their job. 

But word spread, and the queue just kept getting longer.

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