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Hi James! I just wanted to share what I’m doing because it’s a lot of fun. I have one of those Mat things that people use for their back that vibrates and heats and whatnot and it’s got vibrating bits juuuust close enough to my cunt that when I sit on it on high it feels *amazing!* but not amazing enough to get me off. It’s almost like right on the edge the entire time. I’m using it while I play games. It’s amazing! -Ruby

To ad on to what I just sent (I just learned this) if I squirm too much the mat has a sensor and cuts off if you don’t sit still! Amazing! – Ruby 

Holy shit Ruby, don’t tease us, where can we buy these things?  

I’m OFF!

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Are you still accepting beta tester applications for the denial academy?


I haven’t started accepting them. Therefore, not ‘still’.

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Hey! Trying to track down something and someone suggested I ask you! Hi! Today I was talking to that Daddy of mine, and he mentioned I’d once sent him a link to a Tumblr post about woman with a tattoo on her thigh of a date — the date of the last orgasm she ever had. I can’t find it now, though. I suspect it was something you shared a while back. Can you help with a link or crumbs? Thanks!

Sadly the Female Orgasm Denial blog full time librarian is currently on vacation until, forever.

But seriously, if the search function doesn’t get you anywhere, go through the archives – they’re awesome! And if it’s not on my blog, I’m sure you’ll find something even awesomer.

Hi James! I was wondering, is it normal to get cramps while trying out long term denial? They’re not like excruciatingly painful cramps or even painful now that I think about it. But I just want to make sure that’s normal.

If you mean an ache in  your ovaries, then yes, quite rare but normal – blue bean – is what it’s often called, girls equivalent of blue balls.

It might be related to your period and you discover edging at certain times of the month is making it worse. Some find that, while others find it makes it better. Go figure.

If it gets really bad and it’s due to edging, a ruin can fix it (after you feel like shit for 20 minutes).

However, I’m not a doctor,and cramps can be from other things too, period pains, gas, or a hundred other things, so just keep an eye on it and do try a ruined orgasm to see if that fixes it, then  you’ll know. Bodies are wonderful, and weird. Trust your instinct and see a doctor if you’re worried, that’s what they are for.

I did as you said and edged myself silly. Then I posted a caption to my cute little tumblr. I actually have some family who follow me, so that would be so humiliating if they saw. Is it bad that I kind of hope one of them did? (ps: no I didn’t get enough likes to cum. 😊)

OH sweetie, that’s awesome, good girl!

To find amongst all the cute cat pics, a girl on a rack having an electro anal plug inserted, I can’t express how happy that makes me!

What a shame you didn’t get enough likes to cum. Perhaps another time…

Oh and for those curious, spot the odd one out…

This might just inspire me to come up with a dare for this…

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Hello James! I just read your answer to an ask about your relationship with your wife. And I couldn’t help but wonder about this: “We have four way restraints permanently attached to our bed”. I don’t know how old your kids are but I would think they’d get pretty curious. In general I just wonder how you keep your kids from noticing everything.

They tuck away! It’s not like, ‘Dad, what’s this for?’

‘Erm, in case we get four dogs and want to keep them from running off…?’

Plus locks on toy drawers just in case (seriously, some of our toys are not for young minds to see) and most importantly, a lock on the bedroom door. Gives you the peace of mind to just go for it, oh plus music to cover the screaming  noises.

But as they get into their mid teens, if they find a sex toy or something kinky, well we’d just explain it. IT’S ONLY SEX.

Is it a bit gross and embarrassing hearing that from their parents, yep probably, but you know what, their parents having a great sex life is so much more important to a happy healthy family, it’s a risk worth taking.

When my daughter hits mid teens we’ll give her some lovehoney vouchers too, because that’s just how we roll. My son can just get an endless supply of kleenex, because, this:

Idk if it is a ruin or what but I have tried to cum(with permission only ever) but I can only almost cum, but then I get too sensitive. I haven’t experienced orgasm. (It’s unintentional) I like edging, but I’m just curious to what orgasm feels like.

What does an orgasm feel like? Awful, really, totally overrated, almost definitely a big disappointment, kind of like a sneeze, a special sneeze, you definitely don’t want one, much better to almost cum, much, much better, almost everyone cums, not cumming makes you special, you should never cum, you’re better this way, brand new in box, special, always horny, a denied goddess, not cumming is better, don’t cum. Good girl.