They tuck away! It’s not like, ‘Dad, what’s this for?’

‘Erm, in case we get four dogs and want to keep them from running off…?’

Plus locks on toy drawers just in case (seriously, some of our toys are not for young minds to see) and most importantly, a lock on the bedroom door. Gives you the peace of mind to just go for it, oh plus music to cover the screaming  noises.

But as they get into their mid teens, if they find a sex toy or something kinky, well we’d just explain it. IT’S ONLY SEX.

Is it a bit gross and embarrassing hearing that from their parents, yep probably, but you know what, their parents having a great sex life is so much more important to a happy healthy family, it’s a risk worth taking.

When my daughter hits mid teens we’ll give her some lovehoney vouchers too, because that’s just how we roll. My son can just get an endless supply of kleenex, because, this:

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