My very own teacher’s pet, the ever wonderful just added a great note to that last post:

“I am AMAZED that James had the balls to post this on Women’s Equality Day.Hot.

Women’s Equality Day… how unnecessary…

EVERY DAY is women’s equality day on this blog!  (Hah, did I have you going there for a moment?)

I hope you know I truly mean that. The idea that men and women are not equal is simply insanity to me. Of course we are. 

However, knowing that, I also enjoy the fact it’s hot as fuck for us to fantasise about it not being the case. And if that excites you too then thank god for third wave feminism that says you can decide what the fuck you want to like and to be and to do – and if that involves giving up your orgasms and turning yourself into a dripping three hole slut then all power to you.

I just had an idea – let’s celebrate…

To show your support for women’s equality day, I encourage you to send me pictures of your boobs with ‘Women’s Equality Day’ either written on them, or on a note next to them, just because, it’s so very wrong and sometimes we need to do wrong things to make the world a better place.

Submit them here – I will make it anonymous unless you tell me it’s okay not to.

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