Hi Serena! 

(Did I mention how much I love you anons giving me a name to call you, you’re the best – and it lets me tag the posts in case you write again so followers can see them all).

Well done on trying a ruin, they vary enormously so try a few more as you go along and see how they change. They tend to get ‘worse’ the more you do them, in terms of more and more frustrating and leaving you hornier and hornier.

I’d suggest trying for a week of denial is just setting yourself up to fail. That’s a LONG time if you haven’t ever done it before.

Remember, self-control is like a muscle, we only build it by exercising it. 

I’d like you to try denial, just for a day. Edge three times, once in the morning, another during the day and a final one at bedtime. After that last edging session which I want to last for a whole HOUR, you may cum!

That way you’ve got a realistic goal to try. And when you discover you like how it makes you feel, you can try doing it overnight, so two days in total. Then, if you manage that, go for three days. You should really start to feel the ‘denial high’ as you do more days.

And then, and only then, see if you can do a week. I think you’ll love it, and you’re much more likely to succeed that way.

Let us know how you get on!


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