hi James,

first of all, i love your blog. it’s becoming a rapid obsession of mine that i’m equal parts embarrassed as aroused by.

second, i am house-sitting from today (sunday) until friday evening which means i finally have freedom to do whatever i want without having to worry about housemates. now i’ve been wanting to try and do some more intense denial (the longest i’ve been able to hold-out is three days with soft-edges) and i thought now would be a good time, because besides having a whole house to myself i also have a lot of free days (/half days) this week.

i was wondering if maybe you could inspire/help me make this week a bit more interesting than just edging a bit? or if you have some tips you could share to get through five/six of denial for someone with this amount of freedom but not a lot of experience?

i have been thinking of maybe creating a tumblr and documenting the experience but i don’t really know where to start on that one.

also i hope you have a good day 🙂



Hiya Molly,

Sorry not to write yesterday, I’m catching up with a hell of a backlog of messages today!

Creating a blog is a great idea, I think that’ll help you be resolute in your desire not to cum! Let me know the details and I’ll flag it up here. Just google how to start a secondary blog, make sure in the settings you’ve turned off ‘show author portraits’ in the new blog’s settings and then it’s anonymous.

Also, it’s okay to be embarrassed, in fact, I suspect you’ll find that feeling itself is a turn on. So I’m not going to tell you there’s nothing to be embarrassed about (although there isn’t, this is sexy and positive and a wonderful kink). I’m going to tell you to ENJOY that feeling and edge when you feel it as your response.

So, denial tasks while housesitting.

Let’s put together a little daily task list shall we.

Firstly, your goal is at LEAST five edging sessions a day. One first thing before you get up and one last thing at night. The others as you can.

You must sleep naked in bed unless it’s your period. 

You cannot cum, and you are not allowed to ruin unless you’re told to.

Also, I don’t know which are your free days so switch these around as fits best.

Monday – each of your edges must be performed in a different room of the house, doing it a different way. You could vary position, rubbing vs penetration, toys used. Your last edge finishes with you naked, on all fours, giving yourself  a ruined orgasm. You may not touch until the next day once you ruin.

Tuesday – turn the heat up in the house – you are not to wear any clothes today when indoors. You may keep a single t-shirt by the door if you need to answer it.
If you have heels you are to wear them as much as you can through the day (wearing heels makes you feel MORE naked, not less). At a minimum any household chores must be done wearing them.

Wednesday – Wear your thinnest, tightest panties, your job is to make them as wet as possible. Most of your edging should be done via humping. Your last edge is to be done with the panties stuffed in your pussy. 

Thursday – You are to have porn playing at volume all day long, edge as often and as much as you can watching it. One edge has to be done either outside or while on the phone to a friend.

Friday – clean the house so it’s beautiful. Do this wearing something very sexy. Edge in each room once you finish cleaning it.

Your final edge begins an hour before they are due home (only if the housework is finished!). You may only cum once you hear them open the front door.

If you’re not due to be there to greet them, you may cum as long as the housework was all done properly and you managed the entire week without a proper orgasm!


General tips 

Focus on the fun! Don’t let this get too high pressure, do what you want to with it, enjoy exploring your body and what feels best, letting your mind wander wherever it wishes as you get hornier and hornier. You’re learning more about yourself through this, that’s wonderful.

Be flexible – those ideas above are just suggestions, adapt them to work for you, but do challenge yourself. But don’t forget, edging is great but REAL LIFE WINS.

If you go over by accident, just ruin it. Try hard not to, but if it happens, don’t worry about it.

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