How lovely, what a lucky chap he is.

So firstly, send him some teasing messages to get him excited about getting home. Next spend some time getting ready, put on an outfit – clothes or just lingerie you know he loves, do your hair and make up a bit slutty ready for him to enjoy.

Then go and find some porn. Not for you, for him. Porn for him to watch as you ‘shove his dick in your mouth’ as you doing that puts you right up in the ‘best girlfriend ever’ category every time. Get it ready to play once you’ve rubbed yourself to it a bit imagining him getting off watching it while you can’t even touch.

Slip on your highest heels and do a little housework. The heels make it much harder, they’re just so ridiculous. It makes it much hotter.

Then message him again and tell him the plan. ‘When you get home I want to suck your cock while you watch porn (I found you some I think you’ll like). I’m so horny, I love it. Please don’t let me cum.’

Us guys are a bit dumb sometimes, yes you really should be that clear about it all. Subtlety is for poems, just tell us what you want. We might just get it.

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