Firstly, you are very, very welcome. If this tumblr is giving you confidence to embrace and enjoy something you previously felt ashamed about then I am absolutely delighted to have helped. That makes me very happy!

Frankly your virginity speaks to me of your confidence in knowing and getting what you want, and not settling for less. I think that’s absolutely brilliant.

No one has any idea of all the kinky shit my wife and I get up to behind closed doors, and long may it stay that way. I know some people are really into the whole public side of things, but to my mind kink is best enjoyed in private with someone you love – the public aspect is only ever a fantasy.

And now, at the risk of sounding misogynistic… it is more than okay to want this idea of being tamed, of submission, in private. In fact I would dare to say it’s not only natural but it’s very, very common. To me a woman is at her most beautiful, her pinnacle of femininity when she embraces the person submission can make her.

I don’t think it’s in conflict at all with your ‘strong lioness’, it’s just acknowledging that we are many things to many people and that actually as rounded individuals there are different aspects of our personality that we want to experience in different situations. 

Sometimes the lioness just wants to be a kitten and curl up on someone else’s lap and leave the decisions to them for a while. You you know what, some kitten time makes the lioness all the stronger and more rounded, it really does.


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