It really depends on technique. It’s most likely you’ve just overdone it and over stimulated yourself when you’re not used to it. It can take a few days for your clit to get used to quite so much attention. Just take a break and focus on other erogenous zones and explore the idea of ‘no touch’ being a tease too where you’re not allowed any stimulation on your clit and/or pussy for a day or two.

Being very wet constantly can occasionally lead to you getting sore but it’s pretty rare and a daily shower (as opposed to baths which are quite strongly associated with Urinary Tract Infections for some women) should prevent that. But if it’s more of a rash that might come from being so wet then a tampon or panty liner to keep you dry for a day or two would help.

However I’m not a doctor and I have a penis so feel free to completely disregard my advice and seek that of someone with more direct knowledge.

PS Let’s reclaim the fact it’s okay to say vagina, or clit or pussy or whatever. Your body is amazing, be proud of it.

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