It’s wonderful to see married couples enjoying this together.

And a week for a first denial attempt is very good, well done.

I am going to give you permission, but it’s a very specific way you are allowed to cum.

You must kneel between your husband’s feet and suck his cock while you masturbate, you have to pleasure him while you reach the edge, and only once you make him cum, into your mouth, are you allowed to climax. 

To be clear, your mouth must be filled with his semen if you want to have the orgasm, and you must swallow his seed while you cum. Good girls don’t spit.

If he cums before you are ready to climax you must either just continue, with his semen and cock in your mouth, until you get there, or you can stop and swallow, but you then must stop masturbating too and you lose your chance to orgasm.

Don’t worry though, I’m sure he’ll give you many more chances to earn it…

Good luck!

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