Oh dear, what a shame. Let this be a lesson to all. It can take a good 10-30 seconds to cool down from a really ‘hard edge’. It’s mainly about just relaxing and getting your breathing back to normal.

The most amusing story I have about this was a denial trainee I had who, sitting at her desk, had got to exactly that point – when her dad walked into her room. She had to hide the fact she was having a massive orgasm as he tried to talk to her about some mundane matter. Can you even imagine? I bet you are, right now. So naughty.

Your next two edges have to be achieved with your legs spread, kneeling, leaving those treacherous thighs apart, and every 50 clit circles or pussy fucks you’re to lift your hand and give your mound a nice firm smack.

Your third edge is to be achieved only by grinding your panty covered pussy against the mattress or pillow. 

No cumming before Christmas Day.

Good girl

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