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Almost every time I’m about to orgasm lately there’s a voice that says to ruin it :( it’s been hard pushing past that and sometimes it just half ruins. Either that or the voice says just don’t cum and it takes way longer to because of it. It’s like two sides arguing, the devil and the angel except it’s unclear which is which

Is it in a British accent?

If so, you’re welcome.

Stop pushing past it. Listen to the voice. It knows what you need.

Become the denial slut you know you want to be.

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Confessions from the (table) edge…

Dear James and his horny collection of wet, desperate, deprived sluts.

It’s been five days since my last orgasm. My Sir likes to make me come once a week. And then he likes to tease me.

I’m writing this from bed, with a glass dildo in me, which I just used to edge. Now all I’m allowed to do is hump a little (my hips aren’t allowed to be not touching the bed) and squeeze myself around it. For an hour. Before I’m allowed to move. From the wet patch I made all over my sheets. So this is a good time for my confession:

Yesterday at work, I was working on a super important document, editing away, and all of a sudden, out of the blue, I was struck with the most graphic, visceral memory.

In the middle of the room, it was like I could feel his hands on me, touching me, holding my head back by my hair while he pushed his fingers inside me and whispered what he was going to do to me in my ear. In that tone that makes me melt.

It was like I went from 1-10 horniness in second. I was soaked, sitting at my desk. In front of people I manage.

I texted him, and asked if I could touch, and he said that I could only do it if I did it somewhere public.

There’s a cafe in my building. I still can’t believe I did this, but I went, bought a coffee, and desperately hoping no one could see, rubbed myself to the edge while I drank it.

I showed Sir your confession post, and his suggestion was that I can cum any time I want for the next two weeks, but only if I do it at that table. But he says he reckons you can make it worse.

Please don’t!

~ Meg

Meg, Meg, Meg – going to edge yourself to relieve the mental pressure, that, I can understand. But being so desperate that you’d agree to do it at a table in a cafe, well that’s just another order of desperation.

I love it.

Honestly I love your dom’s suggestion. But I think making it optional is a bit too easy. So here’s me making it worse.

You have to cum three times in the next two weeks in public. The first, in the same cafe ideally, is to be ruined.

The second, is to be done at a similar type of location, somewhere you can sit and rub under a table, but you need to be on the phone or texting him while you do it, and he decides at the last minute if it’s another ruin, or you can cum.

The last, if possible, will be with him, in person. Failing that, live with him on the phone, watching you.

See, that’s why he sent you my way. Isn’t that more fun!

Don’t forget to clear up the mess… or that’s a whole other punishment.

Let us know how you get on, Meg!


Dear James and his multitude of denial sluts, I have sinned and edged. It has been 62 days since my last orgasm and I feel as if I can bare this weight no longer. I feel guilt weighing down on me upon return to this class. I go to University, I had worn a new underwear concealing (quiet) vibrator to class, I was edging until I was slightly shaking. I stood up to leave and noticed I had left a slight bigger than small wet patch on the chair, instead of cleaning it I ran in embarrassment. -Ayetta

Oh Ayetta, first among confessors and such a beautiful one at that. 

While we adore wet pussies, and even more love the thought of you, in class, secretly edging, filled with your vibrator, and vibrations; there’s really never an excuse for such bad manners as not cleaning up after yourself. Just imagine if some poor guy sat in it and couldn’t explain why he kept getting a hard on from the pheromones all over his pants…

Your penance is to repeat the endeavour, it could be in class again but I’d suggest somewhere a bit less conspicuous, but still public, A cafe perhaps. Take some antibacterial wipes with you, and choose a seat, and give it a good clean first. You’ll see why.

You’re to sit there, browsing Tumblr secretly, until you’ve got right to the edge, and definitely left another wet patch. This time however, you’re to ‘accidentally’ drop something, which requires you to clamber under the table, and hoping no one’s watching, give the wet patch a quick licking up.

A good wipe with the antibacterial wipe too and you’re done. I hope that’ll teach you that manners cost nothing, except for pussy wrenching embarrassment, in this case.

Go in peace to edge and serve the blog.


Confessions from the Edge

I do love hearing confessions from you, my lovely followers. So I thought it might be fun to turn this into an ongoing ‘thing’.

Here’s the rules (because you know how much you love rules…)

  • You must begin your confession with something like, ‘Dear James and his horny followers*, I have sinned, and edged. It’s been X days since my last orgasm.
  • Feel free to come up with your own words to describe my followers, that’d be cute, e.g. James and your congregation of denial sluts, etc (Any Brits who listen to Simon Mayo know just what I mean). So be creative with the whole intro if you fancy it.
  • Then share your confession. It needs to be INTERESTING. If it’s just ‘I keep trying to edge but keep cumming’ then we know already. You won’t be getting a reply I’m afraid.
    But, if it’s something funny, or sexy, or kinky that you want to confess, bring it on. Maybe you masturbated somewhere you shouldn’t have, or used someone else’s things, or with someone you shouldn’t have or ended up doing something hugely embarrassing. Anything. If it involves edging or it’s effects on you that’s brilliant but any sexual confession will do nicely.
  • It can be something you genuinely feel bad about, or just something you think it’ll be hot to share. We’re easily entertained here.
  • Use a submit link if it’s long and I can post it anonymously. I will assume any confession is to be anonymous unless you tell me otherwise. But use Asks if you want to make sure not even I know who you are.
  • I’ll reply with the ‘penance’ you have to do. Those will normally be a denial and edging sentence, plus some sadistic twist. 
  • Please add a name to call you, even if it’s fake. Not just an initial.  If you’re expressly an exhibitionist or a masochist add (e) or (m) or (e,m) after your name and I’ll work a visual or more painful elements into your penance.
  • YOU MUST HAVE EDGED JUST BEFORE YOU WRITE IT – this is important, 1. So we can enjoy the fact you’ve edged, 2. So you really spill the beans and don’t hold back 3. It’s in the title.

I’ll get back to as many as I can, but I get a shitload of message so I’ll only reply to the ones I think everyone will want to read most. Don’t be offended if it isn’t you, I love you anyway and confession is good for you, even if thousands don’t end up edging to it.

Okay, that’s about it I think. I look forward to seeing what you lot come up with!

Submit your confessions here (I’ll repost them anonymously unless you tell me otherwise)
Or send them by an ask (limited characters but just send a few asks if you run out)


PS If this really takes off I reserve the right to turn them into a book 😀

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I blushed and squirmed all the way through writing this. But I really, really wanted to ruin so I’m putting this out there. One of my biggest fantasies. James knows the rest. And in order to have my pleasure, he picked this one to be posted. It’s been sitting in my drafts for nearly two days. Taunting me. Reminding me what a desperate denial slut I am.

This one has been with me ever you proved to me I wasn’t desperate when I said I was. I had to drink a glass of water every 15 minutes until I was squirming in my seat, desperate to use the bathroom. Then you made me drive home. In my fantasies, I imagine a different outcome, however. It was late in the evening, so I was all alone in that parking lot since classes were finished. I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with doing stuff in (semi)public because I find it arousing but I hate admitting it. But I imagine you telling me if I’m truly desperate I’d have no objection to going right there. Wet myself in the abandoned parking lot or not at all. Or that perhaps I had made it home and had to kneel on the bathroom floor. Only I mess up and could no longer control myself, having an accident right there. Only to tell and have the next message be ‘Thats what tongues are for.’ to humiliate me further. So yeah, I developed a wetting fantasy after that evening. I want to feel on the verge of breaking down in tears. I want to have trouble making it down the two flights of stairs in school, frightened I’ll break down right there where I can’t clean up at least a little. I have such a small bladder it will hardly be any trouble. But still, I dream about being pushed. Not given a break and having to drink no matter how bad it gets. Surely it couldn’t be as bad as I say. If it was I wouldn’t mind the chance of someone catching me going right there. Hidden only partially by my car I break down, feeling so ashamed and yet so relieved. Of course, there’s no holding back once I finally let go and I close my eyes as I just feel myself making a bigger puddle. Right through my ruined leggings, or perhaps I’m only in a skirt and nothing underneath.

I can’t begin to explain why I have this fantasy. It’s certainly my most humiliating one. Each time I think of it, I feel like I shouldn’t be having it. It’s so…pathetic. Embarrassing. Shameful. But then again, that’s exactly what draws me to it. The humiliation and wrongness of it. Sharing this even with just you was hard, even though I know you asked me to admit it. To later beg for it to happen sometime. That you probably won’t judge me for the way my humiliation kink works. It’s just a big circle round and round. The humiliation arouses me. The arousal humiliates me, knowing where it stems from. My face is getting so hot writing this up and I’m in the middle of my class, luckily close to lunch break. I may have to go edge after I’ve written this up. I can feel myself dripping. 

Mostly it’s also the concept of the fantasy that runs a lot in the others. To be so humiliated to the point of breaking. Knowing how easily you could rub it in my face what a desperate, needy slut I am. How easy I break down. How I bring this on myself. How I basically humiliate myself. Just thinking about it is such a great mindfuck for me because I’m playing it out in my mind, over and over.  

It’s just another way of denial…


Oh Lizzy, I’m so mean to you.

You’re welcome.



There’s just something great about admitting something humiliating. Telling them out loud that you enjoy _________ even though you feel embarrassed and disgusting. The waves of heat and humiliation, the way your head goes fuzzy and you feel submissive and happy. 

This is one of the hottest mindfucks that denial and edging can bring about. 

Bringing you right to the edge, and whispering questions into your ear, making you tell me those things that no one else knows, those secret desires and fantasies that you’ve rubbed and rubbed and cum to for years.

The thrill, the fear, the arousal, finally confessing, and being told it’s good.

But that’s just the start. 

Now they aren’t just your fantasies any more. They’re mine. And if just thinking about them turned you on, imagine how it’ll be now, your deepest desires, turned back to you, no longer under your control. Twisted, enhanced, expanded. 

So exposed, and all the better for it.

And you still won’t get to cum.

Got a secret to tell? Be a good girl, edge, edge hard. Then message me with it.

It’ll be in the strictest confidence, I promise.

Or send it as an anonymous ask and I’ll share it on the blog, and perhaps add my own little twists.

I usually would rather get off to other girls being denied while having as many orgasms as I want but a girl asked me if I wanna have sex with her so I’m gonna edge until I go to keep myself excited and in anticipation and all that

Yeah, a good reason, little denial bitch, but just watch out…

But it’s the start of the Slippery Slope, anon. First you look for an excuse, ‘it’ll make me horny and excited for something’, the it’s ‘I’ll just go a bit longer, it’ll feel even better’, and then, before you know it, you’ll be rubbing yourself, listening to hypno, sending me asks begging to cum.

Welcome to the party.


A confession. I purposely edged last week for the first time. I asked my play partner to give me a set amount of time to edge and could he please try denying me for as long as possible. He loves making me cum. He told me to edge for 3 days & wear my anal plugs each day. He tortured me with his tongue and fingers for hrs. By the time his cock slid into me I was begging & crying & squirted all over his cock with only two swift thrusts. I confess to you because your blog inspired me to try it. 😍😈

How wonderful! That’s a wonderful confession, thank you anon!

Something tells me he’s going to be enthusiastic to try that again…

Send in your denial confessions!

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