There’s just something great about admitting something humiliating. Telling them out loud that you enjoy _________ even though you feel embarrassed and disgusting. The waves of heat and humiliation, the way your head goes fuzzy and you feel submissive and happy. 

This is one of the hottest mindfucks that denial and edging can bring about. 

Bringing you right to the edge, and whispering questions into your ear, making you tell me those things that no one else knows, those secret desires and fantasies that you’ve rubbed and rubbed and cum to for years.

The thrill, the fear, the arousal, finally confessing, and being told it’s good.

But that’s just the start. 

Now they aren’t just your fantasies any more. They’re mine. And if just thinking about them turned you on, imagine how it’ll be now, your deepest desires, turned back to you, no longer under your control. Twisted, enhanced, expanded. 

So exposed, and all the better for it.

And you still won’t get to cum.

Got a secret to tell? Be a good girl, edge, edge hard. Then message me with it.

It’ll be in the strictest confidence, I promise.

Or send it as an anonymous ask and I’ll share it on the blog, and perhaps add my own little twists.

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