Dear James and his multitude of denial sluts, I have sinned and edged. It has been 62 days since my last orgasm and I feel as if I can bare this weight no longer. I feel guilt weighing down on me upon return to this class. I go to University, I had worn a new underwear concealing (quiet) vibrator to class, I was edging until I was slightly shaking. I stood up to leave and noticed I had left a slight bigger than small wet patch on the chair, instead of cleaning it I ran in embarrassment. -Ayetta

Oh Ayetta, first among confessors and such a beautiful one at that. 

While we adore wet pussies, and even more love the thought of you, in class, secretly edging, filled with your vibrator, and vibrations; there’s really never an excuse for such bad manners as not cleaning up after yourself. Just imagine if some poor guy sat in it and couldn’t explain why he kept getting a hard on from the pheromones all over his pants…

Your penance is to repeat the endeavour, it could be in class again but I’d suggest somewhere a bit less conspicuous, but still public, A cafe perhaps. Take some antibacterial wipes with you, and choose a seat, and give it a good clean first. You’ll see why.

You’re to sit there, browsing Tumblr secretly, until you’ve got right to the edge, and definitely left another wet patch. This time however, you’re to ‘accidentally’ drop something, which requires you to clamber under the table, and hoping no one’s watching, give the wet patch a quick licking up.

A good wipe with the antibacterial wipe too and you’re done. I hope that’ll teach you that manners cost nothing, except for pussy wrenching embarrassment, in this case.

Go in peace to edge and serve the blog.


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