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I just read your full instructions on “how to ruin an orgasm” and you are absolutely horrible. I love it.

You’re more than welcome.

Now I want you to do it.

Right now, feel it, don’t just read about it.

Then tell me how much you love it.

James xxx

Sir last night I came without permission even though i’m denied till the first what should my punishment be?

Shouldn’t the person denying you decide that?

im new to this thing so…. can u tell me how many times u want me to edge b4 cumming ??

If you’re new… once. Yep, just once. Have a full play session where you only edge but do not cum, not even at the end, and you’re left aching and horny and wondering what the hell you’re doing and still loving it.

And then, at least three hours later, you can cum.

Liked that? Now three edges, over a whole day, and you can cum last thing at night.

Now 9 edges, overnight, over two days, not cumming till the second evening.

Next, 27, three a day, for a whole week, without cumming until the end of that 7th day.

You manage that, and you’re well on the way to becoming a full on denial slut.

Good girl.

Is there any way to get my own personal instructions from you sir you already have me dripping

Sure, this is how it works. Bespoke denial slut training – I pride myself in attention to detail:

If you want personal instruction, I promise it’ll be very personal.

It’s whether you can afford the cost… in return for my training you give me complete ownership of your orgasms, and body. For some it’s too high a price, for others, it only sweetens the deal.

Just message me for an interview.

Be careful what you wish for.

I just wanted to let you know that one of my favorite ways to edge these days is to use my we-vibe on an extremely low, teasing setting (like the “tide” mode on a 2) and scroll through your blog. I highly recommend this toy as an edging tool for all the other horny sluts reading your page. Not only is it hands-free for the wearer, but if you have a partner they can control it from any where in the world via an app. Makes ruining orgasms a bit easier as well.

This is a great tip, thank you anon!

The we-vibe is a great little bit of kit, pretty expensive but the latest version is very clever, wireless charging, bluetooth control via your phone, plus a remote.

It’s not cheap, but if you get it at Lovehoney at the moment you get a very nice free bondage kit with it!


What’s great about it is that it can vibrate your clit and pussy at the same time and with teasing patterns.

A cheap version of this is a simple bullet vibe in your pussy or panties or even this TRIPLE VIBE on a cord worn secretly under your clothes and the remote hidden in your pocket.

PSA, science says squirting is pee

PSA, my mouth says no it fucking isn’t

Sexual ‘science’ still appears to be mostly done by misogynistic perverts who have an implicit bias against women actually enjoying themselves.

Does female ejaculate have some urea in, sure, it comes out of your peehole. However anyone with the slightest bit of actual sexual experience of squirting, who doesn’t just get what they know off youporn, will tell you, ejaculate is NOT pee. It doesn’t smell like pee, it doesn’t feel like pee, it doesn’t taste like pee.

So I suggest you wait four or so years, until you’re actually legally allowed to touch a woman, and find out for yourself before quoting ‘science’.

She’d been warned, three orgasms without permission meant strict denial enforcement.

‘How long, oh god, how long are you going to keep me in this?’ she cried. The need to touch herself was already overwhelming.

‘A month’ he replied coolly. ‘For each orgasm’

Once they’d completed basic denial training, the students at Denial Slut School could enrol in more specialist programs. 

‘Electro training 101′ was turning out to be one of the more popular programmes in the new curriculum. 

I’ll have the house to myself today sir what should I do

Clean it in just heels, edging on all fours when each room is done. 

A nice surprise for the others! (especially if they catch you).

Since you’re the most knowledgeable person I know of on tumblr about orgasms, I wondered if you had any advice on squirting? (I know this isn’t denial but if you don’t ask, you don’t get, right?)

Thank you, that’s very sweet of you. And yes, I’ve written a very quick guide on it here:

I’ll be doing something longer on it soon. But hopefully that helps and feel free to message me if you’re getting stuck.