Hey K,

Short answer, yes, I’m always interested in teaching couples. It’s something I’ve been doing for far longer than I’ve run this blog and it’s usually one of the most satisfying things I get involved in.

But it’s not that easy. Firstly, it takes a tonne of my time. So I’m very picky about who I do this with. You both have to seriously want it, no ‘oh I do and my partner will come around to it’ because while that might be true, I don’t have the time to convince them. 

So both of you should be into denial, and aware of this blog as a prerequisite. 

A big part of it is often teaching him (or her, I’ll use the male pronoun but I’ve done this with a couple of lesbian couples too) to be more dominant with you. So it’s tricky, you’ll want him to be dom, but also he’s got to be prepared to take instruction from me. But more than that, while I’m training you, you’re both my bitches. Seriously, that’s the price. It’s both a great learning lesson for a dom-to-be, but also I love domming a couple.

His cock will absolutely end up locked in a cage to which I have the combination. He doesn’t have to know that yet, but you need to know I’ll make that happen and if he’s the kind of guy who’s too proud or dominant to ever let that happen, it won’t work. Just trust me when I tell you everyone who tries it ends up loving it and learning loads.

I’m not super strict about anything, and very open to things changing according to life situations, but the bottom line is if you aren’t attempting to do what I tell you then we’ll just stop. That’s the ultimate sanction. 

The older you are the more the above rules relax and if we simply get on as friends then we can rewrite all the rules. But if you’re under 30, yeah you’ll both be my bitches at least to start off. That’s the price of entry.

If that doesn’t scare you off then feel free to message me off anon on here, or email me at james@edging.space – everything, all the time, is in strictest confidence.

Beyond that, this whole idea of teaching a partner to be be more dominant is going to be a major theme for the gentlemandom.com tumblr blog I’m setting up. So follow me there if you want more content as I start to do more with it next year.

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